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Next to being backed up by one of the most successful software providers in recent years, Freshteam has proven its ability to transform companies’ recruiting experience. Comprised of several unique applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features, Freshteam equips users with all tools they need to attract and retain talented professionals. 

  1. All hiring operations on a single dashboard - Using Freshteam, HR managers preserve full control over the hiring process, and manage all recruiting operations from the comfort of a single dashboard. The customizable system makes it easy to acquaint talent in line with personalized rules and policies, and brings all candidate information (hiring pipeline- resumes, emails, feedback, notes, and more) under the same roof. 
  2. Job postings management - Freshteam lets you design and describe job postings, and share them on internal portals and popular career sites. For the purpose, you can use some of the platforms attractive and modifiable templates, or create a brand new listing with detailed descriptions. Each vacancy can then be associated with a chosen hiring team for maximal transparency, and the team can configure any of the hiring workflow stages to make the candidate’s experience more personalized. 
  3. Efficient candidate sourcing - Freshteam lets you advertise your brand on a beautiful and mobile-friendly career site, and use it to share positions on popular social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. At the same time, it makes it easy to track candidates with a dedicated career inbox, as it converts every email you receive into an active application. You can also use it to manage employee referrals, embed job listings directly on your website, build custom tracking links, and create ob-specific email addresses. 
  4. Efficient candidate screening - Freshteam helps you pinpoint the best among candidates even without looking into their information in detail, as all information you receive is automatically parsed and populated in the candidate’s profile. The profile contains all important data (resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes), and is immediately archived in the candidate database for further use. This way, Freshteam guarantees no valuable application will slide through the cracks. At the same time, this highly collaborative system lets you involve as many users as you want in the decision-making process, and consider several points of view before you select a candidate. 
With Freshteam, you will find it easy to access and engage candidates, and be able to collect structured feedback and conduct scheduled interviews. The system will send out notifications to each candidate and team member, and offer a dedicated conversation field with canned responses. You can sync your personal inbox and correspond with candidates, right from Freshteam, and perform a number of bulk email actions to save additional time. 

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