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Why use Epicor HCM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Epicor HCM

  • Growth-Oriented Culture: With the help of the platform, users can engage, align and encourage innovation among the workforce to create a growth-oriented work culture. 
  • Employee Engagement: Automation and self-service functionality enable employees to stay connected with their managers. The software allows users to view and create self-managed career goals and measure achievements that help increase employee engagement. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Users can leverage growth strategies, digitization and tools to increase productivity, lower costs and focus on essential tasks that help align talent with performance. 
  • Insight-Based Decisions: Talent and hiring managers can access and use powerful reports, analytics and workforce insights to make accurate and informed decisions. 
  • Accurate Appraisal Decisions: Performance management tools allow managers to monitor performance and goals, send alerts, and view employees’ performance to facilitate decision making for compensation appraisals. 
  • Employee Development: Managers and employees are provided complete access to self-service information to encourage competency, enrichment and career development. 
  • Saved Time: Recruiters can save time, increase productivity, and better manage applications through the acquisition process via integration between Candidate Connect and Epicor HCM Core. Applicants can edit their data at all times to ensure their online profile is up to date. This leaves recruiters with more time to spend on interviews and candidate assessments. 

Industry Expertise

Epicor HCM serves organizations in all industries. However, it is best suited for manufacturing, distribution, retail, automotive, lumber and building materials, and services industries. It is an ideal solution for medium to large enterprises.

Key Features

  • Talent Management: Recruiting, performance management, training and development, and succession planning are all addressed and managed within the talent management module. Employers can use these tools to cultivate requisite skills within the organization. 
  • Total Compensation Management: Users can create and access personalized compensation reports and create compensation plans while considering factors like healthcare, work-life balance, and training and development. It also lets employees view salary and total compensation reports as well as perform benefits and absence tracking, all from one dashboard. 
  • Timesheets: Time and attendance tracking software enables employers to view and manage employee work hours, paid time off and requests at the click of a button. 
  • Recruitment Self-Service: With this feature, applicants can find and apply for open vacancies by filling the skill competency and attaching a resume. Applicants can also provide their background information and showcase their qualifications pertaining to a specific job vacancy. 
  • Reporting: Employee information and HR metrics can be viewed in more than 250 reports. The built-in Microsoft Report Builder lets users generate custom reports tailored according to data groups. 
  • Absence Management: The platform’s tools help track and manage leaves, create detailed reports, control costs and understand the impact of employee absences via time off process automation. 
  • Flexible Deployment: Users can deploy the software in the cloud or on-premise, as per their requirements. Epicor also provides the option to change the selected deployment type as the business grows. 
  • Web-Enabled: Epicor HCM can be run on all browsers and devices from anywhere, without needing a terminal service license. 
  • Customization: Hiring managers can customize fields, enact business logic and personalize views, with a system that can adapt to diverse business needs. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations of Epicor HCM, as of the time of this review:

  •  The user interface is outdated and non-intuitive. 
  •  Standard reports fail to cover general requirements, so users are required to create custom reports. 
  •  It is challenging to navigate through reports. 
  •  Alerts are only sent for certain functions. 
  •  A lack of graphical data representations make data analysis challenging. 
  •  Creating new reports is difficult. 
  •  Customizations requiring professional services contracts are a challenging task. 

Epicor HCM Suite Support

Epicor offers two categories of support plans: Essential Support and Pro Support. Users with Essential plan have access to industry expertise, a support portal and employee support analysts. The Pro plan offers 24/7 support, global support center access, case prioritization and more. An active chatbot also helps users connect with support.

mail_outlineEmail: Users registered in one of the above plans can log in to the portal for email support.
phonePhone: For phone support, users need to log in to the portal.
schoolTraining: The “Resources” section of Epicor’s website contains articles, videos, success stories, e-books, white papers, webcasts, growth strategies and more to help users get trained.
local_offerTickets: This functionality is unavailable.

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