Benefits and Insights

Why use EffortlessHR?

Key differentiators & advantages of EffortlessHR

  • User-Friendly: Project management is easier with job codes and custom fields that have time entries tagged with relevant information. The time clock is easy to use and is accessible from a computer or smartphone. 
  • Document Cloud Storage: Users can eliminate paper clutter, spreadsheets and complex filing systems. EffortlessHR accepts files of any format and places them in separate virtual folders. This enables users to access files from anywhere and make changes with a simple click. 
  • Saves Time:  Reduced administrative burden is possible via the complete online HR database. Administrators can access, update, manage and report employee’s data from a single location. 
  • Drives Performance:  Managers can see reports for their employees and access their records to monitor and optimize performance. The system supports setting up multiple departments and locations according to business needs. 
  • Ensures Compliance: Access to state and federal labor law posters helps companies stay in compliance. 

Industry Expertise

EffortlessHR is suitable for academies, service providers (logistics, electric or surveying), retailers, tech companies, infrastructure and transport companies.

Key Features

  • Employee and Personnel Management: The system lets users track special events, such as salary raises, position changes and promotions and receive automatic reminders. It supports uploading company-wide or employee-specific documents like guides, forms, templates and employment laws, with sharing settings to choose from. 
  • Benefits Management: This feature enables the companies to offer and manage disability, holidays, leaves, life insurance and medical insurance. It also provides accrual tracking and detailed reporting via audit logs of any accrual balance changes. 
  • Online Time Clock: The timekeeping system is integrated with the HR database and enables employees to clock in easily. Managers can keep track of projects, allow manual time entry for employees working in the field or on special projects, export data to payroll providers, assign time to benefits, and choose who can view and manage timesheets. 
  • Employee Self-Service Portal: Employees have the ability to view company news, update personal information, request time off, clock in and out, keep track of certification and skills, store and share HR documents, and anonymously report issues to management. Additionally, they can view assigned company property and download shared documents.  
  • Security: Users can rest assured that sensitive data remains secure, with measures including 256-bit SSL encryption, dual-layer firewalls to block any intrusions and two-factor authentication process. The platform's data center holds the SAS 70 Type II Certification with regular audits. 
  • Private Label and Reseller Program: The system enables businesses to create and customize private labels for their customers. Options include complete rebranding, using their own domain name and co-branding. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations of EffortlessHR, as of the time of this review::

  •  Limited report system — for example, does not generate a monthly turnover report. 
  •  Doesn’t offer a payroll feature. 

EffortlessHR Suite Support

EffortlessHR offers free and paid resources such as business templates, HR forms and job descriptions.

mail_outlineEmail: A support email isn't mentioned.
phonePhone: For customer support, users can call 1 (520) 546-3947.
schoolTraining: Customers can receive training through blog posts, handbooks and webinars available on the website.
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