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Why use Dominion Systems?

Key differentiators & advantages of Dominion Systems

  • Save Time: As a single-source solution for payroll, time and attendance, and HR, Dominion Systems helps users save time by eliminating manual, dual entry data tasks and importing or exporting data.  
  • Automatically File Taxes: Users can be sure that local, state and federal taxes are paid on time. They can download all the tax information into appropriate tax forms and never get stuck paying fees or penalties for errors. 
  • Increase Profitability: Automated onboarding improves employee retention. Employees can complete paperwork online and view onboarding progress. This makes them more productive and helps them develop positive relationships with coworkers. Built-in analytics and data help managers make informed decisions and gain insights into the overall performance of the company. 
  • Customize Time Off: Users can quickly generate reports of hours worked and paid to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The system has the ability to delegate time off approvals to specific supervisors and provide a complete history of leave and benefit requests. Employees can also view a list of approved, pending and available time off balances. 
  • Access Anywhere:  Employees don't have to restrict themselves to the office to complete HR tasks. The Dominion Mobile app allows them to access all pay stubs information, request time off and punch in or out from any location with their smartphones.  
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: Performance reviews develop employee skill sets as required by the organization. Users can easily track and rate the competencies of employees, send updates and evaluate performance every day.;
  • Ensure Worry-Free Compliance: Companies can be sure that they stay compliant with Affordable Care Act regulations. They can import ACA information, report with the IRS, see which employees are eligible for health coverage, track the progress of each ACA form and omit errors before submitting them to the IRS. 

Industry Expertise

Dominion Systems is particularly suitable for industries such as banking and insurance, healthcare, consultation and services, retail, and manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System:  This feature streamlines hiring and categorizes candidates into different statuses for easy tracking — applicants, reviewed and rejected. Users can do unlimited job posting at one time, set parameters in the job posting to receive qualified applicants for each role, assign tasks, set up interviews, send offer letters and set automated email correspondence. 
  • Onboarding: Users can customize onboarding with a new hire checklist. They can assign duties to other administrators that include a completion due date. They can transfer employee information and also set tax filing preferences. New hires are able to complete their documents electronically, give direct deposit information and choose their preferred method of payment. 
  • Time and Attendance: Companies can ensure precise and timely pay for wages. The system allows multiple input options such as biometric, PC or mobile punching, and it provides automated calculation of overtime and time off. In addition, managers can create group schedules, edit weekly schedules, see employee availability and fill open shifts. 
  • Benefits Administration:  All benefits are administered electronically. Admins can set up open enrollment, upload plans, add providers and assign plans to a benefits package to offer to all employees or a select group. They can also make changes to pay rate, pay frequency and deductions.;
  • Payroll: Companies don’t need to worry about how updates to employees’ logged hours, time off requests or enrollment impact pay. The payroll feature is synced with the rest of the platform and automatically updates any changes. It has multiple payment options such as direct deposits, checks or pay cards, mobile access and automatic tax payment. 
  • Employee Self-Service:  This feature gives employees access to check pay stubs, time off balances, schedules, punch history and paycheck history. They can update records such as tax withholdings rates and also pick benefits plans. 
  • Performance Management:  Managers can rate employee performances, gather critical feedback and monitor employee development using historical data and analytics. The feature offers progress tracking and lets users automatically add merit increases in payroll. 

Dominion Systems Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For any queries, email [email protected]
phonePhone: For customer support, users can call 616.248.3835
schoolTraining: Customers can receive training in person and online. A help center on the site provides articles on all aspects of the software so users can find answers to their questions.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit their queries through the form available on the website.

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