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You know just how important it is to attract key, qualified candidates in a timely fashion. With Talent Management, you'll have:

  • Total visibility into hiring details and trends to see what positions are open and how fast you are hiring
  • Better process efficiencies to decrease the time from application to hire

You also know how vital it is to grow, develop and incentivise your employees:

  • 9 Box Planning helps you map out and identify employees who are ready for advancement or need development
  • Proactive Performance Management enables managers to coach valuable talent, motivating employees to consistently perform well
  • A full catalogue of instructor-led, online, external courses can be built and stored to train and educate employees
  • A comprehensive incentive system will ensure that compensation is underpinned with fairness, consistency and transparency

With such a powerful set of tools, it's no wonder that more than 1,400 companies of all sizes and industries representing over 3 million employees in more than 30 countries and 28 languages depend on Talent Management.

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