Benefits and Insights

Why use DBI Staff Scheduler?

Key differentiators & advantages of DBI Staff Scheduler

  • Easy to set up and Quicker to learn. - Within a matter of minutes you'll have your first schedule up, running, and schedules sent out to each staff member's inbox. Staff Scheduler Pro is flexible and it works the way you do - designed by Scheduling Professionals so you're scheduling like a Pro right out of the box*
  • Schedule Perfection - Scheduling starts out as an iterative, artful process - resolving quickly to scientific perfection with each schedule plan created. With the right reporting and real-time scheduling tools at your finger tips - your schedule plans become accurate - time saving, staff appreciated and money saving resources.
  • On Time - On Budget - Real-time schedule cost analysis and labor burden reporting ensures your resource and schedule budget is always on target. Schedules will always have the right people in the right place at the right time and on budget.

Pricing for Employee Scheduling Software