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G2 Crowd
What do you like best? For me and my team, this product is like an Apple Product, very user friendly, very intuitive. All aspects from reporting, to on-line benefits enrollment, to the employee self-serve platform, to e-sign, and so much more; it's nothing short of fabulous. I believe so much in the product, that if I wasn't using it, I would be selling it to help more HR Professionals obtain the strategic success I have been able to accomplish because of the power of the tool. And, the pricing is very affordable. What do you dislike? There are times when you select a feature, such as "Change Log", and the load time is not as fast as I would like. Recommendations to others considering the product: I strongly feel that no one can compete with APS. Each year I look at other vendors and evaluate their product and pricing, and I've yet to find a better solution. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? Participating in Wage and Benefits Surveys is a breeze. Providing analytics based on multiple layers of data is at your finger tips. Both these features help us to be strategic in our decision making.
G2 Crowd
What do you like best? 1. Intuitive so its easy to get started and you can tune the fine points later. 2. You can add fields for regulatory requirements such as medical, fingerprinting, etc. 3. Appraisals and documents are kept in the system so that file storage risks are reduced. 4. Diversity, Worker's Comp, Location, and Departments are easy to enter and generate quick reports later. 5. Its easy to send a group email to a department or to the entire staff team. 6. With pay cards, everyone can be placed on direct deposit immediately and avoid labor costs of check distribution. 7. Its easy to assign part of salary to various departments and easy to change those proportions mid year. 8. Its far better than ADP if you are a manager who needs to check on an occasional basis because the data is so easy to access. 9. Eselfserve reduces the need to help employees because they have their paystubs and information online. What do you dislike? 1. It would be nice to receive alarms about expiration dates of fields added by our company. 2. The hand scanner units cannot be used in public school sites where we do not have control of internet access and there is no memory in the unit to save punches for later upload 3. The appraisal forms cannot be edited but must be completely reconstructed if changes are needed. 4. I wish it locked to Blackbaud so that the internal control of locking payroll to accounting was complete and removes an audit verification step. Recommendations to others considering the product: We looked at 6 packages. Ease of use and strong internal controls were key requirements for us. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? We were making significant errors with ADP since we only have 150 employees. The ADP interface seems to work ok if you have a dedicated payroll person for a larger company. The intuitive approach of APS makes it easy to avoid payroll errors. We try to avoid office assistants and APS cedes more power to department managers.
G2 Crowd
What do you like best? I enjoy the ease and the friendly user interface with this software. We have been able to tailor access now to employee records to a fine point. I love being able to scan the documents in and have it available immediately to whomever it pertains to. The benefits integration is also wonderful and allows us to be ACA compliant. The reporting on the HR screen is very informative, fast hitting and useful on a daily basis. The total compensation section is also a wonderful tool for showing the employees the "actual" cost of their payroll. What do you dislike? A tweek we have asked for as far as being able to issue an "implementation" date has already been suggested and is to be a part of an upcoming update in benefit administration. Recommendations to others considering the product: Consider the absolutely user friendly approach and personalization of both the company itself and the software. They are always striving to match and surpass what is currently trending and offered by all the other heavy hitters in the payroll/hr software market. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? It is allowing us to monitor and to meet ACA compliance which is essential in today's market. It allows us to better utilize analysis on employee issues thru document scanning and the ability to sort, categorize and search for specific areas of concern. These issues include, attendance, performance, etc. It is useful for upcoming issues and information thru the Upcoming Dates section which allows us to track everything from birthdays to reviews, etc.
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