Benefits and Insights

Why use SolarWinds Web Help Desk?

Key differentiators & advantages of SolarWinds Web Help Desk

  • Service Requests
    Have complete control over help desk ticketing by automatically converting emails to tickets, routing and assigning tickets to groups, defining action rules for automatic escalations based on business requirements and severity, and, most importantly, integrating your network and systems management software right into the help desk software.

  • Asset Management
    Simplify asset management by automatically discovering assets spread across your network. Asssociate assets with end users or help desk tickets and track assets in different locations. Also, initiate remote control sessions with notebooks and servers at the click of a button.

  • Communication
    Streamline the way you communicate and manage help desk tickets with two-way email correspondence. Get email notifications via SMS alerts on your mobile device, automate escalation processes and improve efficiency through customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Knowledge Base
    Save time, money and overhead by enabling end users to resolve recurring and known IT problems using the robust Knowledge Base management. Segregate the Knowledge Base articles for external and internal audiences, and easily import existing Knowledge Base articles into Web Help Desk.

  • Ticket Integration
    Easily integrate with network and systems management software. Automatically convert network performance, server availability and application issues into help desk tickets—all bi-directionally!

  • Task Management
    Stay organized and manage basic projects by creating and tracking automated tasks associated to a parent ticket. Create ad-hoc or reusable projects for any common or repetitive procedures such as employee new hires or client on-boarding.