Benefits and Insights

Why use NABD Customer Service?

Key differentiators & advantages of NABD Customer Service

  • Corporate and Personal Customers Registration
    Both your corporate and individual customer accounts can be self created by your customers or by your agents. Once accounts are registered, customers can start using your portal or reach you via all your available communication channels. Corporate Admins can manage users access and authorization based on their privileges.

  • Customer Submits Cases
    Customer can submit case by accessing the online portal, by calling your call center, by sending an email, by accessing his mobile app, live chat, or by social media channels

  • Customer receives acknowledgment notification
    Once the case is captured in the system, the workflow engine can send an automated acknoweledgment notification to the customer based on predefined templates

  • Customer self service portal
    Customer can use the self service portal to submit and track cases and to respond and collaborate with your users. Customers have access to searchable knowedge base for quick access to resolution for known issues, FAQ, how-to-guides and troubleshooting information

  • Customer Feedback
    NABD can be configured to collect customers feedback, analyze them and act upon them to improve customer service and increase customer loyality and retention rate