Benefits and Insights

Why use Iridize?

Key differentiators & advantages of Iridize

  • SaaS Onboarding - Onboard users personally and effectively . Create custom guides and onboarding flows that respond to user behavior. Automate your onboarding process, reduce support costs and minimize churn. 
  • Employee Training - Bypass Extensive Learning. Go Straight to Using Software. Create smart guides, context sensitive help and user flows tailored to employee needs, track progress and cut training costs.
  • Change Management - Iridize helps organizations navigate through challenging transitions with change management tools tailored to the organization’s exact needs. Iridize’s highly customizable guides mediate the process, minimize the change curve and turn employee reluctance into enthusiasm. Don’t let change be something that “happens” to the organization, leverage it to strengthen, revitalize and enrich your business.
  • User Engagement - User Engagement through Content Personalization . Interact with your customers on a personal level, using rich profiles and real-time customer insights to ensure they see only messages they care about.