Benefits and Insights

Why use Verizon Connect Fleet?

Key differentiators & advantages of Verizon Connect Fleet

  • Reduced Unauthorized Usage
    Telogis provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking that lets you know where your trucks are 24-hours a day, virtually eliminating unauthorized vehicle use. Telogis Fleet provides a detailed landmark history report, displaying date and time details of each stop and identifying whether the stop was authorized or not. This gives you data to pinpoint when and where driver activities occur and further reduces your exposure to liability.

  • Better Customer Service
    Telogis gives you the tools to improve your customer service. Real-time vehicle tracking permits you to see delivery status and driver/vehicle location at all times.

  • Business Intelligence at your finger tips.
    The Telogis Dashboard is your single source for critical information and performance for any size fleet. This powerful tool gives you a global overview of your fleet’s status as well as summaries of recent activity so you can better manage your business with greater intelligence resulting in increased productivity and profits.

  • Fleet Management Report
    Telogis offers more report flexibility than anyone in the industry, both real-time or scheduled and emailed to you direct. Telogis also has extensive APIs for pulling data into existing back office reporting tools.

  • Fuel Card Integration
    Reduce your pain at the pump. Identify fuel theft, unauthorized fueling and excess consumption.

  • Green Fleet
    Enthusiastically Green - Your new ability to cut emissions (and costs). Eliminate unnecessary idle time and driving.

  • Fleet Safety
    Driver safety is only as good as your real-time data and driver scorecards. While risk is unavoidable when you own vehicles, minimizing your exposure and protecting people and assets is critical. Telogis increases the effectiveness of your fleet safety program at every touch point.

  • Improve Productivity
    Telogis can help improve driver productivity by two additional hours per day.

  • Reduced Overtime
    Telogis helps significantly reduce driver overtime hours

  • Lower Insurance Rate
    Telogis helps reduce driving violations and insurance premiums. Speeding tickets and other moving violations are a costly expense towards owning and operating a fleet. A single ticket can raise your insurance rates, and if your drivers receive more than one, those tickets could end up costing you thousands of dollars in higher premiums each year.

  • Reduced Fuel Expenses
    On average, Telogis customers have reported experiencing a 10-15% reduction of their annual fuel bill.