Benefits and Insights

Why use Key2 Vehicle Management software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Key2 Vehicle Management software

  • Your personalised system homepage giving you a complete overview of the key fleet information you want to be aware of instantaneously.
  • All headline information viewed can be drilled down into, taking you to the finer detail which enables true management by exception
  • Allows you to create your own events relating to assets or vehicles.
  • Fully configurable to own business needs, any regular or one off event, check or occurrence should never be missed again.
  • Jaama's Key2 system delivers a totally holistic approach that enables fleet decision-makers to analyse data in one place and efficiently manage their drivers and vehicles including 'grey fleet'.
  • Key2 produces a consolidated view of not only an employee's driving history including, training, accidents and endorsements, but also incorporates data from their allocated vehicle in terms of mpg and maintenance costs against budget to provide essential meaningful information that will identify where action needs to be taken.
  • Routine event scheduling and notification
  • Automatic notification of potential warranty items
  • Maintenance due reporting
  • Maintenance spend against budget
  • Trend identification that highlight areas for concern
  • Functionality allows the import of fuel data from bunker sites, own pumps and major fuel cards.
  • Key2 intelligently validates the data to ensure files are not duplicated, registration numbers are correct and invalid odo readings are highlighted.
  • Your duty of care responsibility is still applicable whether your fleet is leased, owned or 'grey'.
  • Key2 includes comprehensive grey fleet management parameters enabling you to ensure all data relating to both grey fleet drivers and their vehicles is valid and up to date.
  • Any document or image specifically compliance documents, can be electronically stored against the relevant asset.
  • Storing information centrally means that document retrieval will be at your fingertips at any location where you have system access.
  • Key2 document retrieval functionality is particularly useful for keeping an eye on local depots to ensure they are compliant as well as for any VOSA audits or investigations.