Benefits and Insights

Why use GPS Insight?

Key differentiators & advantages of GPS Insight

  • Reduce Fuel Costs and Consumption
    GPS fleet tracking reduces fuel costs and consumption by taking full control of wasteful idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, and fuel card fraud.

  • Improve Fleet-wide Productivity
    Know where your drivers are and what they are doing at all times to maximize output.

  • Green Your Fleet
    Minimize your carbon footprint by tracking your fuel consumption, maintenance, and CO2 emissions.

  • Extend Vehicle and Asset Lifecycles
    Stay up to date on maintenance so that you get more run-time out of your vehicles and assets.

  • Bill Your Customers More Precisely
    GPS fleet tracking allows you to determine and prove the exact amount of time to bill customers.

  • Quicker Response Times
    Dispatch the most appropriate driver every time to get your team to your customers quickly.

  • Enhanced Customer Service
    Respond quicker to customer emergencies, serve more customers, and verify job completion.

  • Receive Insurance Discounts
    Save up to 15% on your insurance premiums by installing GPS tracking devices for your fleet.

  • Ensure Quick Theft Recovery
    GPS Insight will help you identify vehicle and asset theft as it happens so that you can report its location to authorities.

  • Location Access From Anywhere
    Manage and communicate with your fleet from any mobile device so that you are always on top of what's happening.

  • Customize Your GPS Fleet Tracking Data
    Receive the information you want, when you want it, the way you want to see it.