Benefits and Insights

Why use Adaptive Insights?

Key differentiators & advantages of Adaptive Insights

  • Automation: Adaptive Insights enables users to automate a range of features to help quicken business processes and increase productivity. The program can automate data flows from source data so that reports are accurate and don’t succumb to human error. 
  • Visibility: Workflow and data visibility is available in this system through dashboards and reports. Users can drill down information to gain actionable insights that are relevant to their organizational needs. 
  • Data Centralization: Adaptive Insights can pull source data from other software tools such as CRMs and ERPs to reduce miscommunication across departments and to provide more intelligent business recommendations. 
  • Increased Revenue: This solution contains a variety of forecasting tools and models to help companies reduce spoilage and increase ROI. By limiting waste and more accurately planning for the future, businesses can increase revenue. 

Industry Expertise

Adaptive Insights is a beneficial solution for a variety of companies. Some of the sectors listed explicitly on the vendor’s website include retail, healthcare, education, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, software, energy, life sciences and nonprofits.

Key Features

  • Modeling: Adaptive Insights offers a wide variety of planning and forecasting tools to help businesses anticipate the future. Fiscal modeling can be performed using business milestones such as the fiscal calendar, funding schedules, academic calendars and revenue recognition schedules. Some of the supported models include forecasting revenue, workforce planning, budgeting expenses, sales planning, SaaS account modeling and capital planning. The program contains Elastic Hypercube Technology, which uses model dependencies to determine whether results need to be recalculated or not when information changes or stays the same. 
  • Active Planning: The program connects the finance department with other intercompany workflows to increase transparency and rates of success while also reducing communication errors and inefficiencies. Active planning itself is a method of continuously planning and updating plans using shared and updated data that’s visible across an organization. The solution includes a Process Tracker, which provides real-time visibility of individual tasks and planning processes within a company. Step-by-step guides can also be developed for specific user roles along with links to the location in the system where input is needed. 
  • Dashboards and Analytics: Adaptive Insights includes interactive and personalizable visualizations and dashboards. Within the financial dashboard, users can conduct period-over-period analysis, find variances from waterfall charts, look at how the budget compares to actual spending and analyze performance trends. Users can also visualize KPIs and share dashboards to help ensure that goals are met. 
  • Management and Financial Reporting: The system includes advanced financial and sales technology to help users pivot dimensions, select parameters and report on variances. Users can also add annotations and create “point-in-time” snapshot reports so that information can be shared and retained. Drill-down capabilities are available for transactional reports and planning sheets. 
  • Board and External Reporting: Adaptive Insights connects to products such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to help format data in one click. Income statements, balance sheets, P&Ls, board packs, narrative reports and presentations can all be created with this tool. The program also automatically uses refreshed data in existing calculations and formatting as changes are made. Users can decide which aspects they want to remain static, and which ones they wish to make dynamic. The Cell Explorer tool provides visualization of source data and formulas that are used to calculate any given metric in a report. 
  • Cloud Integration: Adaptive Insights automates data flows so that source data from a company’s various software systems are easily accessible. Users work with data that comes directly from the source, so there’s less worry about typos or other accidental manipulations of data that could alter calculations. The program has a “click-not-code” methodology that enables users from all departments, not just IT, to manage data in the platform. More than 2,000 integrations are possible with the platform with vendors such as Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Plex, Epicor and Workday. 
  • Financial Consolidation: The system automates processes such as currency translations, reporting and reclassifications. Users can define ownership percentages and minority interest, which is also automatically calculated. The program conducts financial consolidation in real time and with no long-running processes and no batch jobs, meaning users have full visibility. If further information is needed, users can drill down to get additional details behind consolidated numbers. 

Adaptive Insights Suite Support

Adaptive Insights offers two different support plans for its customers:Standard and Premier. They differ in terms of extensiveness and availability, meaning that if an organization is likely to need more intensive, around-the-clock assistance, Premier support is probably the better option.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can get online support through the Adaptive Insights application. Email ticket submission is unlimited and can be done via the Knowledge Base for both support plans. Support can be reached at [email protected]
phonePhone: Adaptive Insights allows customers to call support between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays. The response time varies depending on which support option an organization goes with; the maximum first response time for Standard support holders is one business day, whereas for Premier support holders S3 issues are resolved in less than four hours and S4 and S5 issues in less than 24 hours.
schoolTraining: Adaptive Insights provides more than 50 hours of free self-paced product training videos online through its Training Center. It also offers the Adaptive Insights Product Certification for Customers, which helps ensure that best-practices are being used and proves that a user has in-depth program knowledge. Subject matter experts are available to answer questions as well.
local_offerTickets: Users with both support plans can submit an unlimited number of tickets via email, phone or through the Knowledge Base. Response times and the number of administrators with access to support varies by plan.