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Why use WorkWave Service?

Key differentiators & advantages of WorkWave Service

  • Stay Agile: Field technicians — as well as office admins — need to have flexible, mobile software. WorkWave Service provides a scalable, cloud-based product, virtually eliminating installation time. It also keeps your techs connected to the office and vice versa. 
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: When you match the right tech with the right customer and get them there at the right time, your customer satisfaction goes up along with your profits. The application can also handle a variety of customer-focused tasks, like billing and follow-up scheduling. 
  • Run Anywhere: Because the product is cloud-based, it can run on several devices, but most notably, on a tech’s cell phone or tablet. You get every advantage of eliminating pen-and-paper field service solutions, as well as those that come with giving your techs the ability to stay mobile. 
  • Save Time: Automatic dispatching and other routing features mean you can save both the technician and customer valuable time. 
  • Company Visibility: The system gives you a high-level overview of work status, tech positioning, employee time sheets and time in/out schedules. 
  • Increase Productivity: With advanced features like up-to-date routes, notifications, lead capturing services, documentation, service reports, review aggregation and more, you can streamline and enhance your company’s productivity. 

Industry Expertise

In the industry since 1984, WorkWave boasts over 20 awards from 2011 to 2019 as well as hundreds of customers across America.

Key Features

  • Business Development: The application provides robust business development features, such as automated reviews, log-in free customer portals, and customer engagement portals. 
  • Schedule and Plan: Robust scheduling and planning resources are available in WorkWave’s cloud system. You’ve got your standard features like recurring reminders, and route optimization, on top of more advanced tools like easy schedule adjustment and GPS-based assignment. 
  • Mobile: Mobile applications and on-the-go services are the bread-and-butter of most field service applications, and WorkWave Service has plenty to offer. Technicians have instant access to all the data they need, as well as mobile scheduling alerts, routing notifications, documentation handling, billing handling and much, much more. 
  • Robust Dispatch: Replacing archaic pen-and-paper systems, the product’s robust suite of dispatching features saves you time and gives you peace of mind. The process is automated and optimized for the highest ROI and technician convenience. 
  • Billing and Payment: WorkWave Service offers flexible billing and payment options to match your business type. It also integrates well with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop and offers quick online payments and bill tracking. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: The system comes with built-in reporting and metrics tools so you can track marketing campaigns, analyze response times, and much more. With robust KPI and metric-monitoring features, you’ll gain a high-level overview of your business. 

WorkWave Service Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support emails should be directed towards [email protected] From there, your request will be reviewed by an agent. After this process, you’ll be assigned a case number for future support calls and inquiries.
phonePhone: Customers can get phone support by calling (800) 762-0301. Support times are unknown.
schoolTraining: The company offers helpful user docs, blog posts and webinars to streamline the training process, as no formal training or certifications exist.
local_offerTickets: You can email [email protected] and ask for support. From there, you’ll be assigned a case number for future inquiries.

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