Benefits and Insights

Why use WorkWave Route Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of WorkWave Route Manager

  • Streamlined Operations:  WorkWave Route Manager streamlines operations for its users by profiling fleets and drivers, routing maps and automating invoices through QuickBooks integration, saving manual hours. 
  • Complete Visibility:  The platform gives complete visibility into daily operations by planning routes, managing orders and tracking locations as well as estimated arrivals through GPS. 
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:  With real-time GPS tracking, users can notify customers of their order locations and estimated delivery time. Establishing clear communication leads to better services and customer satisfaction. 
  • Optimized Routes:  Users can plan routes for order deliveries in advance, and track them in real-time to optimize for the best fuel efficiency and improve delivery times. 
  • Improved ROI:  Automated routing, accounting integration and better order management let users maximize resource utilization at lesser costs, plan better for supply and demand while improving their ROI. 
  • Mobile Application for Drivers:  WorkWave Route Manager offers a 360 Driver Mobile app so that drivers can view routes in real time, and track successful deliveries with barcode scanning. 

Industry Expertise

With its presence in over 15 countries, WorkWave Route Manager has over 7000 customers in the logistics and delivery industries. Recognized by Gartner Market Guide-2019 as a representative vendor in Vehicle Routing and Scheduling, it has also been named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company five times.

Key Features

  • Profile Management:  With WorkWave Route Manager, users can create depots to streamline their operations. Vehicle and driver profiles, as well as routes and guidelines, can be built, tracked and followed for seamless operational efficiency. 
  • Order Management:  Users can sync their orders manually or automate the entire process to import orders, build and update routes, notify drivers for pickups and deliveries and speed up the order fulfillment process. 
  • Route Planner:  Users can automate the entire route planning process using WorkWave Route Manager. It generates the best route based on orders and customer requests, as well as the company’s rules and guidelines for route planning and SLAs. The route planner also offers a drag-and-drop framework to allow users to manually build and modify their plan as required. 
  • Mobile Dispatch Management:  Users can keep their drivers and technicians updated through their mobile devices. The platform sends real-time notifications about daily schedules and updated routes.  
  • Arrival and Departure Notifications:  Users can leverage automated notifications to keep their customers informed from dispatch to arrival with live tracking links and ETAs.  
  • GPS Tracker:  WorkWave Route Manager offers GPS tracking to its users so that they have real-time visibility of their drivers and bread-crumb trails. Users can also update routes and set up geofencing to restrict certain locations. At the same time, drivers are instantly notified of all changes, making coordination seamless and efficient.  
  • Quickbooks Integration:  WorkWave Route Manager is integrated with QuickBooks, allowing users to keep track of their finances and manage invoicing and payment in the field. 
  • Analytics:  The program offers pre-built and custom data-driven reports on important business aspects like cost-benefit analysis, driver productivity and more, allowing users to evaluate and iterate their plans. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Search features are limited 
  •  User experience is not intuitive 
  •  Data imports are difficult to customize for new and required parameters. 

Suite Support

WorkWave Route Manager offers support to users via phone and chat support portal during business hours.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is hidden behind the customer login.
phonePhone: Support experts can be reached by phone at +1-800-762-0301.
schoolTraining: Onboarding and training support is available through documentation, videos and webinars. Users can also request in-person training.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets at the platform’s support portal, which are then resolved by support experts in priority order.

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