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Why use ServiceM8?

Key differentiators & advantages of ServiceM8

  • Manage Invoicing Easily:  ServiceM8 simplifies invoicing and payments for field service professionals. Users can create and share invoices from anywhere at any time, and get them processed through electronic signatures and payments. 
  • Ease of Communication:  It lets users easily communicate with technicians, staff members and customers through instant messaging, emails and notifications. 
  • Maintain Service Levels:  With quick communication, real-time updates and simplified service delivery management, users can maintain their service levels and get repeat work from their customers. 
  • Minimize Paperwork:  ServiceM8 lets users generate invoices, collect signatures and payments electronically. It also manages photos and diagrams to maintain job requirements, progress and service history, minimizing paperwork and saving time. 
  • Secure Cloud Storage:  ServiceM8 is cloud-hosted and stores all user data and records in an encrypted, remote server. It also provides a backup in case of system failure or incompetency.  
  • Integrations:  ServiceM8 integrates with numerous accounting, staffing and email marketing apps to provide a seamless operational environment to its users. It also connects with app integrators like Workato and Zapier, and has an open API and SDK so that users can customize third-party integrations as per their requirement.  
  • Mobile Access: Designed specifically for iOS devices, ServiceM8 app offers a fast and reliable solution for communication, invoicing and job management to its users in the field.  

Industry Expertise

ServiceM8 is best suited for small businesses with a high turnover rate and a staff size of up to 30 members. With over 3700 monthly app installs, it has helped thousands of businesses across 30 countries.

Key Features

  • Job Management:  Users can access all job and client details anytime, anywhere. Field staff get all the information related to an assigned job right on the platform, eliminating the need to repeatedly call the office or client. 
  • Checklists and Tasks:  Each job can be broken down into smaller tasks, and checklists ensure that the job is completed during the first service delivery. 
  • Technician Management:  Users, specifically management staff, can track and manage technicians and field staff with access to their live location, navigation and check-in at job arrival and job progress.  
  • Service History:  Users can record, maintain and access service history for each client along with details like order, materials used, notes, photos, emails, messages and invoices.  
  • Job Scheduling:  Users can drag and drop jobs onto the desired staff members and booking window or specific timings to manage advance bookings, maintenance and recurring jobs, instant dispatches and flexible jobs. Field staff are instantly notified of changes to their schedule. 
  • Dispatch Map:  Users have access to all field staff’s live location so that they can make smart dispatch decisions. This way dispatch doesn't have to call for manual updates and routing decisions. 
  • Integrated Navigation:  With integrated navigation, users can guide their field staff to the job site with the fastest possible route in two simple clicks. 
  • Job Reminders:  Once allocated, field staff get timely reminders regarding navigation and travel time to the job site so that no appointment is missed or delayed. 
  • Quote Management:  ServiceM8 offers customizable templates for creating, managing and sharing quotes with customers. Customers can be issued several quote options, which they can view and accept online. 
  • Invoices:  Users can create professional invoices using pre-set templates and share them with customers via mail, text or printed media while on the job site. 
  • Payment Management:  ServiceM8 facilitates online and instant invoice payments through credit card, debit card and Apple Pay. 
  • Deposits and Pre-Payments:  Users can prompt customers to pay in advance for their bookings using cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay. 
  • Communication Management:  Users can communicate directly with staff and clients via email and message services from the platform. Pre-built customizable templates also help save time and maintain a consistent tone. 
  • Activity Feed:  ServiceM8 offers a live activity feed so that staff can access updates from all their jobs and service deliveries and request and share information when required. 
  • Staff Messaging:  Office and field teams can use built-in instant messaging to communicate with each other. 
  • Offline Access:  Field teams can access and update all relevant information from the job site, even if there is no internet connectivity. Updates are synced to the system once connectivity is restored. 
  • Document and Barcode Scanning:  ServiceM8 auto-detects, scans and stores documents in a high-resolution PNG format. Similarly, users can also select barcode scanning while adding materials to invoices.  
  • Custom Forms::  Users can create, save and share customized forms and reports suited to their requirements, using an online form editor with flexible question type options. 
  • Asset Management:  Users can create customer-owned assets, save them on site and generate PDF reports of all assets. 
  • 24/7 Online Booking:  It lets customers request quotes or services, book services and pay in advance online any time, from anywhere. Booked jobs are synced directly to the calendar. 
  • Knowledge Sharing:  Users can record, save and share business expertise, tips and procedures with staff members in the form of videos and articles. 
  • Customer Feedback:  ServiceM8 lets users collect feedback about their service delivery and overall experience to consistently improve their operations. 
  • Reports:  It offers insightful automated reports on business operations, jobs and service deliveries, activity feeds, timesheets and revenue. These reports can be further customized as required. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  The inventory management module is lacking 
  •  Limited scope for franchise management 
  •  The app is not supported by Android devices 
  •  App layout is not user-intuitive 
  •  QuickBooks integration is glitchy and can be overwritten by the system.  

ServiceM8 Suite Support

ServiceM8 offers 24/7 live support to its users through mail and chat.
mail_outlineEmail: Support experts can be emailed at [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support is not available.
schoolTraining: ServiceM8 offers articles, videos and walk-throughs for onboarding, training and customizations. Users can also request services from certified expert partners at an additional cost.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket to the help desk or access live chat. Issues and concerns are resolved in priority order.

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