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Why use Service Fusion?

Key differentiators & advantages of Service Fusion

  • Centralized Platform: Service Fusion’s centralized platform helps users complete tasks like scheduling, managing customer calls and monitoring their fleet.  
  • Touchless Communication: Via touchless communication, it sends email estimates, e-sign documents and confirmation emails to customers. It also assigns jobs to sales representatives and projects.  
  • Easy Scheduling and Dispatch: Users can schedule jobs for their representatives without any overlap. Mobile accessibility lets users share job information with their field workers’ smart devices. It automatically informs customers when a technician is on the way.  
  • Step-by-Step Onboarding: Service Fusion makes it easy for businesses to get started with thorough onboarding procedures designed to get employees up to speed quickly.  
  • Convert From Estimates to Jobs: It creates and sends job estimates with pre-populated service lines and products. It converts job quotes to assigned jobs. Users can prioritize jobs, assign jobs to sales representatives, schedule on-site visits for technicians, calculate commissions and more.  
  • Organized Platform: Service Fusion has an organized dashboard that allows users to complete 30-minute tasks in 30 seconds. It makes daily tasks easier, ensuring proper management of technicians, staff and customers.  
  • Communicate in Real-Time: Users can send SMS notifications to customers and technicians about on-the-way alerts, scheduled jobs and more.  
  • Reduce Paperwork: Its mobile application allows users to send job details to field workers. Mobile access lets team members see and edit their jobs on-the-go and reduces the amount of paperwork needed to process jobs.  

Industry Expertise

Service Fusion is used by over 3500 contractors to build and grow their business. It is designed for industries such as HVAC and refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, overhead and garage door, and it comes loaded with features such as call routing and tracking, inventory management, credit card processing, GPS fleet tracking, job photo upload, time tracking, payroll and more. Its GPS tracking features improve driver behavior, reduce fuel costs, prevent unauthorized use, provide real-time visibility, lower insurance premiums and increase customer engagement.

Key Features

  • Customer Management: Service Fusion can create multiple service locations and customer contacts. Users can set their billing terms and communication preferences, track referral sources and store images, documents and public and private notes.  
  • Scheduling and Dispatching: Users can view all estimates and jobs to shift dates and times with drag-and-drop support. Users can also share information with their field workers via a call or text from the dashboard of Service Fusion.  
  • Invoicing and Payments: Service Fusion users can create invoices for single and multiple jobs. They can choose cash, check or credit with the tool’s pre-built free payment gateway. Users don’t need to visit the bank for payments.  
  • GPS Fleet Tracking: Business owners have full visibility into the location of their vehicles. It also records trip history, allowing users to improve driving behavior without any reliance on drivers’ mobile devices.  
  • QuickBooks Integration: Service Fusion is a QuickBooks Solution provider and provides discounts for users who want to integrate their software with QuickBooks. This feature allows for the automatic syncing of job invoices, deposits and payments.  
  • Estimate Options: This feature allows business owners to give their customers the option to choose between option 1/2/3, good/better/best, replacement vs. repair and more. Users can create multi-page proposals. Customers can accept or decline estimates online, and business owners can get digital signatures.  
  • Job Photo Upload: Users can upload photos with their mobile app from the job site. This helps business owners track jobs back to a technician or customer support session.  
  • Payroll Reports: Service Fusion monitors office activity, remote workforces, work hours and employees clocking in and out. It auto-populates payroll reports and calculates overtime pay.  


As of this review, these limitations are current:
  • Back-end support is lacking.
  • Updates are rolled out without prior information.
  • It is difficult to get a list of maintenance contracts.

Service Fusion Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Existing customers can email [email protected] for support. Users can submit their details in a contact form on the website for a demo.
phonePhone: For phone support, users can call (888) 902-0304 and choose Option 2 between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. from Monday - Thursday and 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on Friday. For sales, users can call (866) 206-4828.
schoolTraining: Service Fusion provides live training sessions from Monday to Thursday at 3.00 p.m. Each session is an hour long. Users can get support by chatting with a technician on the Help Widget. It also has a knowledge base of articles for users.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not available on the website.

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