Benefits and Insights

Why use Jobber?

Key differentiators & advantages of Jobber

  • Easy Job Management:  Manage intricate job requirements with job creation, scheduling, dispatching, routing, as well as notes and attachments. Check ongoing jobs, assign jobs and notify both staff and clients easily. 
  • Improved Client Relationships:  Eliminate paperwork, and provide quality service to clients with direct communication and alerts, quick invoicing, seamless payment processing and client history maintenance. 
  • Expense Monitoring:  Manage project costs on-the-go by uploading receipts and ensure timely updates of records for purchased materials. 
  • Get Paid Faster:  Facilitate invoice generation in the field and payment processing through e-payments via Stripe and PayPal. 
  • Time and GPS Tracking:  Track real-time locations and job progress with support for clock-ins, clock-outs, job checklists, invoice creation and payment collection. 
  • Mobile Apps:  Coordinate with field staff, facilitate job updates, invoice creation and payment collection in the field with iOS and Android apps. 

Industry Expertise

Jobber is used by field service professionals in over 50 industries, such as HVAC, landscaping, cleaning, pest control, plumbing, hauling and more. With nearly a decade of experience, it is used by more than 70,000 businesses in 43 countries.

Key Features

  • Scheduling and Dispatching:  Book jobs, tasks, events and on-site assessments in a few clicks. View real-time location and availability of field staff to assign jobs, schedule one-time and recurring jobs and dispatch resources efficiently. Filter and search job orders and tasks by status, priority, location, staff availability and time-period to schedule jobs on the go. Track the workload and progress of each staff member. 
  • Routing:  Create and share the most cost-, time- and fuel-efficient route for each staff member, track locations to assign last-minute jobs, cut down transit time and optimize route planning to increase productivity. 
  • GPS Tracking:  Optimize field operations in real-time with GPS tracking. Get location-based updates for check-in, check-out, and adding notes to a job. 
  • Notes and Attachments:  Add notes and attachments to job orders to record instructions, track interactions, maintain purchases, include photos or signed agreements. Notes and attachments are automatically paired up with client and property information to store all related information in one place. 
  • Calendar:  Schedule and reassign jobs with an easy drag-and-drop, color-coded calendar. Notify field staff of schedule changes with push notifications. 
  • Invoicing:  Create and share customizable invoices using pre-built templates. Create and send invoices in bulk as per pre-set schedules. Track sent invoices for timely payments, automate payments for recurring jobs by saving credit card details and follow up past due invoices. 
  • QuickBooks Integration:  Get two-way accounting sync with QuickBooks to keep all data related to customers, timesheets, invoices and payments up to date. 
  • Time Tracking:  Manage employee timesheets for each project and record labor costs for seamless payroll processing. Admin can approve, view, add, edit, start and stop timers in the office for different employees to eliminate timesheet errors and payment discrepancies. 
  • Expense Tracking:  Track business expenses from the office or the field, attach material purchase receipts and assign them to jobs to keep detailed records. View, filter and export detailed reports for accurate budgeting, payroll, or accounting. 
  • Team Permissions:  Set up user roles such as worker, dispatcher and manager to control data access. Customize user permissions further to determine accessibility of job information, schedule information, client details, quotes, invoices, payments and more. 
  • Client Manager:  Record and maintain all client details such as address, email, phone number and a detailed service history to improve communication and service delivery. 
  • Online Booking:  Get more job orders by facilitating online booking on business websites and Facebook pages. Get notified of online booking requests to schedule on-site assessments or send quotes or job orders in just a few clicks. 
  • Job Forms:  Create custom job forms, to-do lists, site inspection forms and service authorization forms to build and maintain service quality standards. 
  • Client Hub:  Offer a self-serve portal to clients for sending online work requests, checking and approving quotes, tracking appointment details, paying invoices, printing receipts and sharing feedback. 
  • Client Communication:  Establish communication with clients through automated reminder texts and emails for appointments. Use two-way texts to send updates about arrival. Follow up for quotes, payments and feedback through emails. 
  • Quote Management:  Create professional, customizable quotes using templates, add required products and services, send to clients through email and text messages and track sent quotes through follow-up emails. 
  • Credit Card Processing:  Get paid in-person or online for one-off jobs and set up automated payments for recurring jobs with credit card processing. Processing fees starts at 2.5% and ensure faster payments. 
  • Task Automation:  Automate routine tasks and build faster processes by integrating Jobber with 1500+ web apps through Zapier. 
  • Email and Postcard Marketing:  Use Mailchimp integration to maintain client details and eliminate data duplicity. Automate marketing communications with customizable email campaigns and personalized postcards. Track response rates to further iterate and amplify customer engagement. 
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads:  Increase visibility on social media and reach new customers through Facebook and Instagram ads with powerful targeting and efficient tracking, facilitated by Mailchimp integration. Define your target and decide who will see your ads. You can target your Jobber client list or choose new demographics. 
  • Reporting: ­­­ Get over 20 built-in reports such as financial, client, service and work reporting to keep track of important operational aspects. Export to an Excel or CSV file for easy sharing. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:

  •  Product is costlier than the in-market competition 
  •  Social media campaign tracking is lackluster 
  •  Customer support is slow to respond 
  •  Offline accessibility is not available. 

Suite Support

Jobber offers 24/7 support to its users via phone, email and chat portal.

mail_outlineEmail: Support experts are available on email at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can reach support experts on the phone at +1-888-424-5301.
schoolTraining: User onboarding and support are available through documentation, videos and webinars. In-person support can also be requested.
local_offerTickets: Users should use the help center to address common queries and issues. They can also submit a ticket through email or chat portal, which is addressed in priority order.