Benefits and Insights

Why use Intuit Field Service Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Intuit Field Service Management

  • Bird’s Eye View:  Intuit Field Service Management ES gives users a 360-degree view of their operations with live statuses for jobs, technicians and invoices from a central platform. 
  • Efficient Scheduling:  The software facilitates easy job scheduling based on job type, job location, availability and technician skill sets. Similarly, users can also easily reschedule jobs or reallocate technicians for a given job. 
  • Less Paperwork:  Users can break free of tedious paperwork and ensure faster and better service delivery as all information can be logged in, synced and processed in real-time through mobile devices. 
  • Avoid Duplicity:  The platform helps users cut down on data duplicity related to customers, work orders, job schedules and invoices, while eliminating human errors and making operations seamless. 
  • QuickBooks Integration:  Intuit Field Service Management, being a part of QuickBooks Enterprise Software, is well integrated with QuickBooks Accounting. It facilitates easy invoicing and payment collection in the field. 
  • Mobile Apps:  The software is enabled with full-featured Android and iOS applications so that field staff can check their schedules, work orders and routes. Field staff are also enabled to update the back-end office about work progress, generate invoices and collect payments. 

Industry Expertise

Intuit Field Service Management provides business solutions to multiple industry verticals, such as construction and contracting, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale, non-profit, retail, and other professional services. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers this product and has over 200,000 customers.

Key Features

  • Work Order Management:  Users can create service requests as they receive work orders, schedule and assign jobs for their field staff, track real-time work progress and manage efficient processing of work orders. 
  • Dispatch Management:  Users can manage work orders based on the job type, technician skill set and field staff availability to ensure top-notch services each time. With details of the work order, users can then also map the required tools and routes and get real-time updates on their location and work order progress. 
  • Flexible Scheduling:  Allows users to reschedule and reassign work orders in just a few clicks. Similarly, recurring jobs can be automated easily. 
  • Routing:  Users can help field staff with quick and efficient routing to their job location. Routing features with GPS tracking keep managers and customers updated on technician ETAs, as well as logs in the check-in and check-out time to track the time spent on a job and generate accurate invoices. 
  • Customer Database:  Stores and maintains all customers’ data, including details of their addresses, email ID, phone numbers, service history, invoices and feedback. 
  • Contract Management:  Users can manage their contracts and agreements with technicians and customers to facilitate long-term relationships and ensure seamless service delivery. 
  • Technician Management:  Lets managers track and monitor their field staff with details like live location, navigation, work orders completed and customer feedback. 
  • Billing and Invoicing:  Integrated with QuickBooks accounting, the platform enables field staff to generate invoices and collect payment in the field. It also manages detailed records of accounts receivables, accounts payables and project costing for quick reference. 
  • Service History Tracking:  Maintains a record of the service history for each customer and technician with details like order requests, resources used, notes, and invoices. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  QuickBooks Integration has synchronization lag 
  •  Expensive as a standalone field management service software 
  •  Customer services take a long time to respond 
  •  Has limited features to offer 

Intuit Field Service Management Suite Support

Intuit Field Service Management offers support to its users during business hours, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PT) from Monday to Friday.
mail_outlineEmail: Support email address is hidden behind customer login.
phonePhone: Support phone number is accessible after customer login.
schoolTraining: Intuit Field Service Management offers installation, onboarding and training support through documentation, video tutorials and webinars.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit their concerns and queries through a chat portal after logging into their system. Tickets are responded to in priority order during business hours.