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Why use Field Service Lightning?

Key differentiators & advantages of Field Service Lightning

  • Deletes Pen and Paper Tracking: Field service products like lightning are superior to archaic systems like pen and paper field service tracking. 
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction: It can pair the right tech with the right customer, based on certain criteria like skill level or distance from the job. 
  • Tackles Critical Issues: Because the software comes loaded with powerful tracking and notification features, users are alerted of issues like low item stock or poor condition ahead of time. It can also deliver essential information such as schematics or blueprints before the problem arises out in the field. 
  • Web-Based: This app is web-based, meaning users can access their field service software from a number of different devices. 

Industry Expertise

Salesforce is an industry titan, having established dominance in the CRM space with its core Salesforce product. Their customer base spans over 150,000 businesses in a variety of sectors, which include finance, manufacturing, IT and retail. Some major customers of the company are Adidas, Amazon Web Services, Farmers Insurance, Iqor, Kone and more.

What Are Some of the Features That Come With Field Service Lightning?

Well, here are just a few that make it a worthwhile investment:

You Can Manage Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps the biggest advantage that Salesforce Field Service Lightning can bring to your company is its mobility. You can bring all the features of a traditional on-site job management platform to your field employees. Since FSL is a class-leading solution, it’s able to offer such premium features as

  •  Knowledge articles 
  •  Real-time collaboration 
  •  Instant access to job schedules 
  •  Stock and inventory visibility 
  •  Barcode scanning in-app 
  •  Technician-controlled scheduling management 

All of these features are available on the go, even without a connection, along with much more.

Your employees can benefit from the highly customizable mobile app, which you can tweak and tinker with to provide optimum value for your busy workforce. You can send geolocation information back to the scheduling optimizer and chat with colleagues and back-office staff. You can take advantage of:

  •  Custom layouts 
  •  List views 
  •  Tailored actions 
  •  Salesforce Flows 
  •  Connectivity to other apps
All of these features are available on the go, even without a connection, along with much more. You can also use the app to create and manage work orders for field service operatives and integrate them with knowledge articles, cases, accounts and other projects

Plan Your Service Smarter

Another powerful Field Service Lightning feature is that it’s able to make automated decisions to ensure that your customers always get the best experience possible. It can locate the closest service technician in proximity to a customer or match them with a representative that has the right skill set to get the job done.

You can take into account multiple customer attributes, such as service tier, complexity, location and more, all of which can be used to assign the most appropriate technician for the task.

With the help of equipment and inventory management tools, you can maximize the benefits of scheduling automation by making sure that every technician out on a job or in the field has the proper tools and sufficient knowledge to get the job done and satisfy the customer on their first visit. This not only greatly improves the customer experience but also allows you to get much more out of your technicians on a daily basis.

Provide Service Faster

Field service has enjoyed AI availability for years now, taking root in other powerful FS apps like Oracle Field Service Cloud or ServiceMax. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in scheduling technicians, receiving orders, managing assets and more. AI streamlines step of the field service process.

Einstein Vision for Field Service brings the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to the world of field service. With advanced image recognition technology, companies can make the software recognize almost any image to use in a variety of situations.

This can be especially useful when technicians are working with complex equipment and need to recognize parts that might be very similar. Featuring image recognition, a technician on a service appointment can simply take a picture, and Einstein Vision will be able to identify the specific part and product type, which can greatly reduce the time to complete the task.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Field Service Analytics from Salesforce can help you get the most out of your mobile workforce with a plethora of valuable metrics and real-time data display. Once you understand the patterns and identify service gaps, you can not only reduce the time to resolve customer complaints, but also stay one step ahead of them. Field Service Analytics can track:

  •  Customer data 
  •  Work order totals 
  •  First-time-fix rate 
  •  Travel time 
  •  And workforce utilization 

Field Service Analytics provides actionable insights which are conveniently displayed to the mobile workforce on their devices. From there, your team can then take immediate action and resolve issues, instead of having to go through multiple levels of communication to come to the same conclusions. It cuts out redundancy and unnecessary oversight.

In-Depth Review

What Makes Field Service Software So Important in The First Place?

When you realize the logistics involved in field service management, it’s easy to see why this software is so crucial. Managing field workers such as technicians and representatives is a complex task. There are simply too many variables to monitor, track and manage. Want a taste of just a few?

  •  Route times 
  •  Field worker’s schedules 
  •  Skill level and expertise 
  •  Type of job 
  •  Important documentation like schematics and topographical maps 
  •  Price quotes 
  •  Customer communications 
So while many smaller businesses are still trying to get by with paper and pen tracking solutions, those that have the resources and awareness of the technology available are adopting digital solutions at a rapid pace.

Field service management can be incredibly useful in countless industries, especially those that have a significant percentage of their workers or contractors out in the field. With the right software solution, companies can forget the days of various errors, delays and miscommunications caused by lack of informational access. Today’s cloud-based platforms are versatile, data-crunching machines that give workers access to relevant information on-demand.

How Does Field Service Lightning Work?

To boil it down, Field Service Lightning’s main advantage is assisting the mobile worker in locational awareness and routing (also known as being on time) with all the information necessary to provide a positive customer experience. Being on time and prepared is the main purpose of Lightning. Using Salesforce, a field agent can update the job status in real time, or even change the request altogether.

The mobile app’s ability to provide access to inventory, schedules and even knowledge base articles can cause immediate optimizations in service during an initial customer interaction. Even without the splendor of the internet, you can still achieve everything we mentioned, which makes it that much more impressive.

What’s the Right Software?

On-premise solutions or even manual methods are still relatively popular among businesses, but they have drawbacks that inevitably lead to ineffective practices and, in turn, worse experiences for the customers.

That’s why so many companies are switching to platforms such as Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning. The system seamlessly connects your field service team with your customer service team, meaning one-to-one conversations between your field operatives and your support team are even easier.

The software is built on the Service Cloud, a CRM platform. It’s well lauded because it uses current technology — such as tablets and cellphones — and provides real-time access to customer data for mobile workers and other field service members.

It allows field agents to track customer interactions, view and manage cases and much more, with everything conveniently available in the same dashboard, right from their mobile device.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning’s accessibility means that it can take a complex task, such as developing an effective mobile workforce process, and make it much easier by providing the necessary resources for the people in the field on demand.

Salesforce Continues to Set the Industry Standard

There are many field service solutions out there, but Salesforce, as one of the leaders among customer relationship management software provides, maintains its status as a top-shelf solution.

If you’re looking to take your field service performance to a new level, you can’t go wrong with Field Service Lightning. It has some of the most innovative features that you can find in the marketplace, but it’s not complete, like any software in its class.

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