Benefits and Insights

Why use Dataforma?

Key differentiators & advantages of Dataforma

  • Enhanced Productivity: Dataforma organizes all aspects of business, like work orders, documentation, invoicing and more, so that users can focus on getting work done and increasing their productivity on tasks that matter the most. 
  • Cost Efficiency: With Dataforma, users can reduce operational costs by tracking and optimizing work orders, fuel consumption, work orders, routes and schedules. 
  • Improved Customer Services: Dataforma lets users communicate with customers and update them about work orders and service providers. With better communication and faster turnaround times, users can improve customer service. 
  • Better Coordination: Dataforma boosts coordination between users and service providers as well as between users and customers. This system also improves task allocation while updating customers with real-time service ETAs. 
  • Mobile Access: Since the field service management industry requires being on the move most of the time, Dataforma offers Android and iOS apps for users and contractors to facilitate their work. 

Industry Expertise

While initially built for the roofing industry, Dataforma is now extensively used across the entire field service industry, including plumbing, electrical, construction, remodeling and restoration, HVAC and general contracting.

Key Features

  • Database Management: This software suite manages a database of all contacts, including contractors and customers at a central platform, along with their contact details, work orders, and service history. 
  • Lead Tracking: The Dataforma lead tracker allows users to centrally manage leads, collect granular lead data for targeted marketing campaigns, assign leads to salespersons and analyze lead-close ratios. 
  • Contract Management: Dataforma lets users manage contracts with service providers, facilitates long-term relationships with contractors and gives customers quicker service delivery. 
  • Document Management: Users can store, track and exchange all sorts of documents with contractors and customers, such as contracts, quotes, invoices, service photographs, warranty documents, and more. This centralized and organized information saves time spent on paperwork. 
  • Inventory Management: Users can accurately track fleet and inventory metrics, such as product and equipment, returns to vendors and returns from customers. Service providers can easily check, update and adjust inventory in real time. 
  • Work Order Management: With Dataforma, users can manage work orders by matching the service request to the most suitable service provider, schedule work orders in advance, track progression for individual orders, capture key information and manage invoices in the same location. 
  • Dispatch Management: Users can assign service providers, track their location and update customer ETAs and manage dispatch services for each work order. 
  • Portfolio Management: Users can manage a portfolio of their service providers, and major projects, while making bids and proposals for new projects. 
  • Proposal Generation: Dataforma offers pre-built proposal formats for users, including details like the scope of work, exclusions, inspection reports and more. Generated proposals can be customized to match the organization’s branding and exchanged as a PDF. 
  • Project Management: Users can update and manage a project throughout its lifecycle from first contact to completion, with detailed information such as inspection, estimates, key timeline dates, project material and invoice amounts. Users can also monitor workflow scheduling, backlogs and work to be completed in real time. 
  • Correspondence Management: Dataforma manages real-time correspondence updates to ensure seamless internal and client-facing communications. It manages a detailed log of phone calls, letters, faxes, emails, messages, meetings and schedules with automated reminders for follow-up actions. 
  • Group Mailers: Users can engage leads, prospects and customers using customizable mass mailing features. These mailing campaigns can be customized for different target audiences and personalized further with content for each target group. 
  • Billing and Invoicing: Users can generate accurate and timely invoices through work orders and projects, control overdue invoices, set credit limits, track collections and generate detailed financial reports. 
  • Purchase Orders and Payables: Users can create purchase orders for projects, track pending change orders, open purchase orders with a few clicks and analyze spending trends for better financial optimization. 
  • Work Order and Individual Calendars: Dataforma lets users generate work orders, assign service providers, and schedule work in an efficient manner depending on the location, project type and availability. Similarly, internal employees can schedule their meetings, appointments, events and responsibilities, on individual and company levels.  
  • Service History Tracking: Users can maintain service histories by address, company or contact. Critical information like proposals, renders, photographs, written descriptions, invoices, warranties and client and service provider contact details are stored in a unified manner. 
  • Warranty Management: Users can upload, save, view, manage, share and update all warranty documents. They can also notify customers about expiring warranties using automated reminders. 
  • Customizable Dashboard: Dataforma offers a customizable dashboard for users to quickly access, monitor and analyzes business-critical information, such as work orders, client information, financial figures, scheduled alerts and activity reminders at a glance. 
  • Reports: Users can generate accurate and insightful reports on accounts receivable, open project status, work orders, inventory and more. Users can drill down into reports using specific filters for more details on certain aspects. 
  • Accounting Integration: Thanks to third-party accounting integrations, Dataforma users can manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash receipts, purchase orders and project costing in the same platform. 
  • Google Maps Integration: With Google Maps integration, users can easily gain insights on real-time project and service provider locations, as well as track transportation and asset deployments. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Navigation and user interface is clunky 
  •  Updates fall behind schedule and are cumbersome 
  •  Documents are not accessible through mobile apps 
  •  No easy way to search for and remove duplicate entries 
  •  Client portals are not customizable 
  •  Integrations are limited 

Dataforma Suite Support

Dataforma offers 24/7 support to its users through mail, chat and phone.
mail_outlineEmail:Users can reach support experts by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone:Dataforma support experts are available at +1-866-211-9424.
schoolTraining:Users can request in-person and live online video tutorials for onboarding and training support.
local_offerTickets:Users can submit a ticket by logging in to their portal. Support tickets and service requests are resolved 24/7 through live chat and email, and all tickets are resolved within 48 hours.

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