Benefits and Insights

Why use TRIRIGA?

Key differentiators & advantages of TRIRIGA

  • Reduce Energy Use: Helps users monitor HVAC and meter usage in order to optimize performance and reduce energy waste.
  • Streamline Leases: Offers accounting and contact management features that centralize and streamline the leasing process.
  • Improve Capital Planning: Financial tools help users improve project planning, make accurate budgets, forecast future costs and accelerate project schedules.
  • Manage Real Estate: Helps users generate higher returns from properties and transactions by removing middlemen, improves ROI, avoids lease penalties or overpayments and streamlines accounting activities.
  • Organize Labor: Offers a centralized hub for dispersed personnel and administrators to communicate and collaborate.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Collects data from various areas of the organization in order to help users make more informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Prioritize Funding: Includes a project hierarchy system to help users prioritize the most important or lucrative projects across the board.

Industry Expertise

Specializes in industries with large campuses or multiple facilities to manage such as real estate, government organizations, construction, higher education, financial services and human resources.

Key Features

  • Facility Management: Condition-based facility monitoring allows users to more efficiently manage buildings.
  • Energy Management: Users can identify poorly performing areas of their facility and initiate corrective action, some of which is fully automated by the solution.
  • Space Management: Helps schedule out room and other space occupancy in an organized fashion.
  • Project Management: Promotes collaboration and streamlines project completion from a centralized hub.
  • Role-Based Workspaces: Restricting access based on a user’s role (i.e., guest. technician, administrator, etc.) helps improve visibility into workflows, increase efficiency, streamline communication and promote accountability.
  • Facilities Virtualization: Generates highly realistic virtual representations of users’ facilities for equipment tracking, planning, scheduling, etc.

IBM TRIRIGA Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly. To submit a ticket, you must log into your customer account.
phonePhone: To access local support numbers, users must log into their IBM account.
schoolTraining: Users can access a wide range of training options through IBM’s Skills Gateway. These include classroom, virtual and self-paced options and focus on a range of specific platform issues. Many training partners such as TechData, Global Knowledge, JLL and LearnQuest also offer in-depth courses.
local_offerTickets: Before reaching out to support, users should use the search function on the support page to see if their issue has been addressed in forums, articles, videos or other existing resources. If you get no results, you will be prompted with next steps to contact support.


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