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Key Features

  • Maintenance:
    • Preventive Maintenance: Automate the scheduling of preventive maintenance and ensure timely maintenance. 
    • Asset Management: Use barcodes to get access to information on an asset and map preventive work. 
    • Work Order Request Management: Create work orders with details like location, person in charge and more. 
    • Space Utilization: View work, assets and equipment on detailed interior maps for individual facilities and store the latest life safety diagrams. 
    • Reporting: Use automated reports to track budget, staff, work, assets and other key data, and share these reports on a set schedule. 
    • Dashboards: Customize the dashboard to get access to information like work order status, asset inventory, site performance and more in one place. 
  • Compliance:
    • Mobile EOC Rounding Surveys: Pass/Fail surveys accessible on mobile phones for mock inspections can be used by staff on rounds. 
    • Deficiency Dashboards: View real-time, deficiency-specific dashboards and automate work orders for compliance deficiencies. 
    • Compliance and EOC Tracking: Ensure EOC and compliance tasks are followed and track their statuses. Link activities to the compliance codes from NFPA and the Joint Commission. 
    • Rounding Templates: Enable staff to report consistent information by building templates based on key criteria. 
    • Reporting and Analytics: Identify improvement areas with the help of survey questions and get reports based on top deficiencies and deficiency history. 
  • BioMed:
    • File Management: File faster with a single source for both manual and online attachments via TheWorxHub, Microsoft OneDrive and/or DropBox. 
    • Battery Management: Use PM and the information from chemistry, capacity and voltage to manage battery life and replacements. 
    • Work Assignment Automation: Ensure patient safety and faster resolution with automated round robin work assignments. 
    • Mobile Barcode Scanner: Scan inventory from the mobile app to access and share system-wide inventory information. 
    • New Model Evaluation: Set data requirements and approval rules for new equipment to ensure timely inspection and maintenance. 
  • Energy Management:
    • Centralized Energy Dashboard: Monitor and track the trends, costs, usage and energy consumption of all utilities. 
    • Utility Data: Provides automated bill entry, internal data recording and EDI services within the energy management dashboard. 
    • Utility Tracking and Monitoring: Check for ways to reduce cost and carbon emission, as well as improve sustainability by comparing past usage and the usage between facilities. 
    • Reports: Access reports, charts and graphs on carbon emission, utility data and more. 
    • Energy-Saving Actions: Measure ROI on capital projects, track energy maintenance issues, and create checklists for walkthroughs and events. 
  • Additional Modules:
    • Security Rounding: Manage rounds with checkpoints, voice-to-text work orders, location-based check-ins, documented incidents and a daily activity log. 
    • Capital Planning: Create an attainable capital plan with the help of reports and industry benchmarks and also make decisions for repair or replacement. 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: [email protected]
phonePhone: 877.655.3833.
schoolTraining: Offers a library, blogs, webinars, podcasts and one-on-one training.
local_offerTickets: Not mentioned.

TheWorxHub Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

76 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Easy to Use: More than 95% of users who mention usability said the solution has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Customer Support: Customer service is very helpful according to 95% of reviewers mentioning support.
  • Preventive Maintenance: This feature reduces the need for emergency repairs, as noted by all reviews mentioning it.
  • Work Order: Over 70% of users referencing this feature observed that it’s made the process of assigning and creating work orders easy.
  • Reports: It’s easy to access reports, as stated by more than 75% of reviewers referring to this feature.
  • Tracking: All users mentioning tracking liked that the system helps keep track of maintenance updates, assets, expenses and man hours on a project.


  • Navigation: The system is difficult to navigate initially, as observed by every review referring to this element.
  • Mobile App: Every review mentioning this aspect stressed the need for a mobile application instead of the mobile website they use on their phones.
  • Data: It’s difficult to import and access data, according to all users citing this aspect.
  • Reminders: The lack of reminders is a downside according to all reviews on the topic.

Researcher's Summary:

The WorxHub is a flexible, user-friendly CMMS that goes above and beyond to deliver customer service and support to its users. Users appreciate its tracking, usability, easy work order management and reporting. Its PM feature also helps avoid unexpected repairs. However, as mentioned in multiple reviews, it can be difficult to get used to. There’s also room for improvement with data import, and its lack of reminders and a mobile app were both common issues. Overall, it can bring a lot of benefits to a healthcare company, though users should consider how its shortcomings would impact them.

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