Benefits and Insights

Why use Planon?

Key differentiators & advantages of Planon

  • Improve Efficiency and Performance: Management can track work orders, plan space usage, keep an eye on sustainability practices and much more with Planon Universe’s centralized facility management hub. It offers reporting to gain visibility into day-to-day operations and work order management that streamlines technician workflows.
  • Reduce Costs: Planon’s IWMS optimizes an organization’s workspace and occupancy, reducing wasted space and saving money on space usage. It also provides sustainability management features such as energy consumption monitoring to help lower overall costs.
  • Accelerate Implementation: Planon offers pre-configured workflows, roles, catalogs and dashboards based on industry standards and best practices gathered from all instances of Planon to get users up and running as soon as possible. 
  • Make Facilities More Sustainable: Users can monitor energy consumption, carbon emissions and other sustainability metrics in order to manage costs, cut down their carbon footprint and reduce waste. Planon offers assessments based on industry standards to validate and track sustainability efforts.

Industry Expertise

Planon specializes in providing facility maintenance services to corporate real estate, financial services and field service providers.

Key Features

  • Integrated by Design: Planon Universe integrates seamlessly with other third-party offerings, including those designed for ERP, finances, HR and more.
  • Accelerator: The Planon Accelerator design combines feedback and experience from various implementations to provide users with a best-in-class configuration optimized for their business. 
  • Real Estate Management: Users can collect real estate data from multiple sites into a single instance of truth for guaranteed consistency and reduced redundancy. Planon improves visibility into real estate costs and streamlines the management process.
  • Asset and Maintenance Management: Planon Universe supports facility managers in their building and asset maintenance tasks. It records asset information and maintenance history in a central database that lets users search, streamline, and optimize their maintenance management program.
  • Sustainability Management: Planon promotes sustainable business practices by offering a sustainability management module. It measures energy consumption, tracks meter readings, logs carbon emissions, and monitors costs associated with utility use. Managers can watch relevant KPIs to monitor performance and report on important metrics to comply with industry standards.
  • Space Management:  This module helps users manage space efficiently, optimize occupancy and comply with industry regulations. Planon aligns vision with reality and helps management keep up with their organization’s changing needs. It offers CAD drawings, digital floor plans, maps and more to visualize space use and asset location.

Planon Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:To request an email contact, users can submit their information via the “contact us” page.
phonePhone:Call 1 (781) 356 0999 to receive support by phone.
schoolTraining:Planon offers standard or customizable classroom training, solution-specific e-learning courses and blended learning to take advantage of both.

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