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Why use OfficeSpace?

Key differentiators & advantages of OfficeSpace

  • Optimizes Space Usage: The room booking and visual directory features paint a 360-degree view of your facility and give every department better tools to use the space efficiently. Users can find and book available rooms or desks within the system, eliminating double-bookings as well as making desk-sharing easy and efficient. Employees can also search for resources such as printers, break rooms, computers and more.
  • Plans Moves Big and Small: As a team grows, office space can become a pain point. This solution lets users create floor plan scenarios within the office to find optimal space usage. When the team outgrows the space, the collaborative scenario builder brings stakeholders and decision-makers into the conversation to make big decisions easier on everyone.
  • Streamlines Requests: Optimizes workflows around requests. Both employees and managers can submit and track requests as they are delegated through appropriate channels. The system helps organize and streamline the process to ensure all requests are dealt with promptly.
  • Facilitates Better Communication: Keep all relevant parties in the loop about space usage, movement, resource locations and more. Automated move notifications ensure everyone gets the memo without hassle. Individual employees can make move requests to promote wellbeing and give everyone a voice.
  • Delivers Data for Informed Decisions: Reporting and analysis tools put the power in the users hands. Managers can make informed decisions based on real metrics from their facility, such as space utilization, lease management, custom APIs and more.
  • Visualizes Data: Take your floor plan 3-D with OfficeSpace’s robust reporting capabilities. Users can perform searches for resources, rooms, resources and other assets as well as create visualizations or reports on this data. Then they can print or share reports with anyone who needs to know.

Industry Expertise

OfficeSpace is designed to manage corporate offices in a variety of industries.

Key Features

  • Visual Directory: Access interactive maps of the facility from a variety of devices to locate rooms, book desks, manage facility requests, identify resources and more. Connects to employee directories and keeps data secure through single sign-on technology.
  • Move Management: Plan, schedule and execute moves within and between spaces without the stress. Managers can shuffle team placement, allocating seating, resolve space conflicts and more.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Tracks metrics related to a facility to generate up-to-date asset reports. Create benchmarks, customize APIs and optimize space usage with the knowledge gained from these reports.
  • Room Booking: Integrates with the visual directory to form a workplace experience tool. Users can search and filter spaces to find the best room for their needs and book it through the system.
  • Request Management: This real-time tool lets members submit, track and assign requests for maintenance issues, space complaints and other managerial tasks.
  • Desk Booking: Creates desk-sharing plans, lets users book desks remotely and tracks metrics around desk usage.
  • Space Management: Real-time floorplans help users visualize occupancy, maximize space usage and manage facility data with a simple click.

OfficeSpace Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To get support by email, users must log in to their OfficeSpace accounts.
phonePhone: To get support by phone, users must log in to their OfficeSpace accounts.
schoolTraining: To receive one-on-one training or web-based tutorials and other training, users can log into their OfficeSpace account and access the help center.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket with the services team, users should log into their OfficeSpace account and contact them via phone, email or ticket request.

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