Benefits and Insights

Why use faciliCAD?

Key differentiators & advantages of faciliCAD

Input Data
One of the biggest tasks in any CAFM solution is entering the initial data. In many cases much of the data already exists in electronic formats. faciliCAD includes tools to quickly and easily import this data into the faciliCAD system. This can shorten the startup cycle dramatically.

Manage Spaces
Space assignments and categories can be managed from either the graphical CAD Manager application or the non-graphical Data Manager application. Generating colorful space plans and tabular reports is a snap.

Manage Employees
Employee information can be entered and managed in either the CAD Manager or Data Manager applications. Employees can be assigned to spaces and assets can be linked to employees. Planning and coordinating employee relocations is a breeze with the powerful Move Manager feature.

Manage Assets
With faciliCAD, asset information can be tracked graphically using the CAD Manager or in text format using the Data Manager. Assets can be linked to each other in a parent/child relationship or assigned to employees if required. You can also attach documents such as warranties to an asset.

Analyze Data
faciliCAD provides helpful tools to query, display, extract and analyze your information. These analytical tools are available within the DATA Manager and the CAD Manager, but many of our clients are finding the Web Manager to be the ideal means for distributing their CAFM information throughout their organizations.

Custom Reports
A major purpose of any CAFM solution is to quickly generate reports from accurate and current data. faciliCAD includes over 150 of the most needed reports to support management decisions. Custom reports can easily be created using the faciliCAD report system.

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