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Key differentiators & advantages of Archibus

  • Reduce Operational Costs: Maximizing space usage can help keep overhead costs low by ensuring an organization is only using as much space as it needs. Automated space management features such as room booking reduce labor hours required to perform these managerial tasks and streamlines various facility workflows.
  • Streamline Moves: Moving spaces can be a logistical nightmare — Archibus coordinates teams for large-scale moves or facilitates individual moves within departments. Employees and managers can request moves through the system, and all parties can track the progress of the request in real time.
  • Organize Spaces: A visual space planning interface lets managers color-code room usage, plan seating charts, find resources and assign room purposes from a remote hub.
  • Optimize Space Usage: Unassigned seating, inefficient density planning and inconvenient spaces reduce the efficacy of real estate use. Archibus offers insights into space planning to optimize how a workforce uses its space.
  • Gain Strategic Insight: Track metrics to gain visibility into operational costs, occupancy rates and more. Users can configure role-based dashboards to quickly and easily access these statistics, set alerts and perform analysis.
  • Drive Better Performance: Use these metrics to identify patterns, highlight pain points and discover areas for improvement. Generate reports to collaborate with key decision-makers in order to make more informed data-driven decisions about the business.
  • Forecast Needs: Track metrics such as move churn, area per seat, area per occupant, etc. If there are visible trends that point toward an impending problem — decreasing space per employee, for example — managers can get ahead of them before they do.

Industry Expertise

Archibus specializes in providing solutions for healthcare, education, government bodies, energy, telecommunications, real estate, retail and finance.

Key Features

  • Space Inventory and Planning: Logs available space and helps users identify how efficiently it is being used. They can optimize where seating is assigned, as well as implement and execute plans.
  • Personnel and Occupancy: Tracks seating charts, assists in space planning, identifies headcounts and monitors benchmarks.
  • Forecasting: Predicts future space needs based on existing and previous occupancy.
  • Space Chargeback: Internally bills department managers for their space usage, promoting more efficient use. This tool lets management set up, calculate and report on space costs for budgeting and billing purposes.
  • Move Management: Individuals or managers can submit move requests, and all parties can track them through the process. Facility managers can orchestrate large-scale moves and plan ahead to avoid pitfalls.
  • Quick-Start: Archibus Quick-Start is a productivity aid within the system that offers tutorial videos and triggers instructions as users navigate through the platform.
  • Self-Service Reporting: Generate reports on usage, forecasting and other metrics to gain insight and perform data analysis without a data scientist.

Archibus Suite Support

Support for Archibus comes in the form of two plans — limited and unlimited. Limited offers selective coverage for a pre-set number of issues during an annual subscription period. Unlimited removes the restrictions on the number of incidents users can file.

mail_outlineEmail: To request an email, non-subscribers can fill out the web form on the “contact us” page.
phonePhone: To contact support, users must log in to their user account.
schoolTraining: Archibus offers onboarding to help users implement the solution successfully, as well as courses to improve and enhance existing subscribers’ performance and familiarity with the system. These courses can be customized to meet specific needs. Subscribers can also access online training materials like web courses, virtual classrooms, webinars, blogs, whitepapers and more. For users who need a hands-on approach, open enrollment courses are offered at select locations and times throughout the year.
local_offerTickets: To open a support ticket, users must log in to their user account.

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