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Why use xTuple?

Key differentiators & advantages of xTuple

  • Accelerated Onboarding: Streamlines and accelerate the onboarding process. Implement core essentials within 90 days while leveraging process mapping, customized pilot sessions, guided and customized onboarding, preliminary data migration and dedicated support.  
  • KPI Dashboards: Key performance indicators give users the ability to identify issues and improve processes before any negative impacts occur. Integrate operations, automate redundant tasks and eliminate human error. 
  • Operations Process Workflow: Handle operational workflows by helping users manage floor transactions like material issuing and returns, scrap, shop floor workbench, post-operation, operation posting, post-production and closing work orders.  
  • Tax Management: Manage taxes by streamlining tax zones, authorities, classes, codes, types, assignments and registrations. It also integrates with Avalara for better tax processing. Users don’t need to search for sales tax rates.  
  • Reliable Tax Calculations: Send transaction details to AvaTax, and AvaTax sends the tax total back to xTuple. AvaTax supports updates when tax regulations change. Salespersons, customers and managers can view owed taxes at any time.  
  • Reports: Generates report and provide details for summarized backlogs, partially shipped orders, reservations by item, inventory availability, availability by customer type and sales order, earned and gross margin commissions, lost sales and tax history.  
  • Integrations: Integrates with QuickBooks and works in tandem with distributors and manufacturers across multiple levels of complexity and industries. It manages inventory, helps with materials requirements planning, sales and CRM, KPI dashboards, manufacturing and purchasing. 
  • Supports Bank Reconciliation: It supports bank reconciliation, multiple bank accounts and user-defined adjustment types.  
  • Tracks and Traces Serial/Lot: Traces and track lots and serial numbers. Details about historical inventory and lets users reassign serial and lot numbers, provide locations and relocate inventory quickly are provided.  

Industry Expertise

xTuple is a manufacturing and distribution ERP solution that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and supports robust inventory management, manufacturing, scheduling, planning and MRP capabilities. It provides critical insight and real-time visibility into people, inventory, processes and cash, letting users monitor business operations with KPI dashboards.

Key Features

  • Accounting: Integrates business operations to manage invoicing, pay bills, sales tax and more. It integrates with Avalara for end-to-end compliance and helps users leverage operational and financial information using KPI dashboards. Accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliations, multi-company financial consolidation, tax management. It also generates financial statements and reconciles general ledger are supported.  
  • CRM and Sales: xTuple supports robust sales tools and customer relationship management to streamline prospecting, managing vendor contracts, RMAs and sales. Users can print item labels and t/o forms, identify location details, inventory history, relocation, reassign serial and lot no., manage multi-locations in the warehouse and warehouse transfer orders.  
  • Reports: xTuple generates reports which provide valid locations by item, quantities on hand by zone and location, expired inventory, location, lot and serial number, substitute availability, history by location, lot and serial numbers. It also provides usage and time-phased usage statistics and inventory status.  
  • KPI Dashboards: Dashboards support one-time delivery, scrap percentage, RMAs and returns, units produced by product, work order schedule and status, inventory availability and pending material availability.  
  • Warehouse Transfer Orders: Create new and open lists of inventory. Release physical inventory by agent, create count tags and cycle count tags, enter count slip, tags and miscellaneous inventory count, post count slips and tags, purge posted count slips and tags and generate reports.  
  • Financial Statements: It provides all basic statements, and all statements are customizable. Generate ad-hoc statements, drill down into general ledgers and back to source transactions while allowing unlimited iterations. It also has export and print features.  
  • Fixed Assets: Support for multi-level asset serial tracking, book value tracking, location tracking, multiple depreciation methods, warranty and purchase tracking, multiple disposition options, full transaction history and ad hoc and scheduled maintenance orders is included. 


Some of the product limitations include:
  •  Customizations get lost in upgrades. 
  •  The multi-select option is not there for user permissions; only one person can be added at a time.

xTuple Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available.
phonePhone: Users can contact +1 (757) 461-3022 for sales and inquiries.
schoolTraining: xTuple provides paid in-classroom courses, live group events, live training webinars and pre-recorded training sessions to its customers.
local_offerTickets: Users can create a ticket by submitting their details on a contact form on the website.

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