Benefits and Insights

Why use Xledger?

Key differentiators & advantages of Xledger

  • Automation: Solutions by Xledger automates processes to build users’ bottom line by freeing accountants from manually entering data. It saves resources and manpower with automation in bank reconciliation, posting suggestions, consolidated reports and purchasing and payment processing. 
  • Insight: Xledger comes equipped with advanced BI tools like role-based dashboards, configurable reporting and multi-dimensional inquiries. Users can go as deep as the transaction level for complete understanding.
  • Scalability: It equips organizations to grow without costs, limits or penalties. It can be set up quickly and expanded seamlessly. Users can create new business units smoothly. Transactions can be conducted in 23 languages and in all currencies. It maximizes efficiency through its multi-tenant cloud feature. 
  • True Cloud: With Xledger, users pay only for the resources they use. It’s a true cloud provider as it hosts all its customers on the same software instance. Users also receive upgrades, the latest version of the software and fixes to security issues. 
  • Configuration: It configures to the requirements of the users. It has built-in levers and captures configurations differently from solution capabilities. Upgrades become easier to implement as well. 
  • Unified Solution: Since Xledger is a unified cloud-based ERP solution, functional areas are interwoven with each other. It permits users to access all the modules as it is a multi-tenant platform. 

Industry Expertise

With 10,000+ customers, Xledger specializes in offering financial management solutions to education, energy, nonprofits, professional services, real estate and multi-entity organizations. It automates a wide range of processes such as bank reconciliation, recurring billing and subscription. Its business intelligence tool gives employees and managers access and insight into every aspect of the property in their portfolio. 

Key Features

  • Core Accounting: It provides analytical capabilities and advanced automation for accounts receivable and payable, cashbook and general ledgers. It has a flexible accounting chart, consolidated financial information in real-time and automated data entry. It helps generate 1099s easily. 
  • Reporting: The software has a powerful business intelligence toolset, which helps users assess liquidity, analyze data and extract data for better decision making. It has updated real-time dashboards, configurable reports and multi-entry inquiry screens. 
  • Asset Management: It enables accounting professionals to manage and automate the complete lifecycle of fixed assets starting from acquisition and construction to disposal. Automation reduces the time spent on tracking, depreciating and managing fixed assets. This eliminates errors, uncertainties and interventions that afflict excel sheets and other applications. 
  • Forecasting and Budgeting: It allows for an unlimited number of budget revisions and supports multi-entity and multi-currency budgeting. It also supports multi-dimensional analysis and importing from external sources. It makes it easy to compare actual against available budget. 
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: It automates data entry via OCR bill reading and pre-registration. It has a multi-person, multi-rule and multi-level payment and posting workflows. Xledger has templates for invoices and delivery options. It calculates discounts, royalties, commissions and interest charges. 
  • Project Accounting: Xledger helps users manage projects of all sizes with resource planning, time capture, project invoicing and project accounting. It supports features such as project structure, costing, expenses, reporting and follow up. It handles multi-entity projects and project hierarchies. 
  • Time and Expenses: Xledger equips users with paperless approvals and granular analytics. Employees can directly input or import timesheets using Xledger’s phone app, browser or calendar-based input. Managers can view timesheets from multiple angles and also have access to an electronic timesheet archive. 
  • Payroll: It supports a flexible payroll system, which has payslip distribution via web, mail and email and automatic matching for data in the books. It allows for recurring payroll frequencies and has a set of taxation rules and rate registers. 
  • Procurement and Inventory: Xledger auto-generates purchase proposals and has pre-made purchase order templates. It tracks serial and batch numbers. It also automatically posts goods received accruals. 


These limitations are current as of this review's creation:
  • It does not link payroll to employee records
  • It does not support statistical KPI reporting
  • Customer support has scope for improvement 
  • It does not have a partner portal
  • It does not have an open GraphQL for integrations, automated bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • It does not have a dashboard for administration, planning, QA for customers

Xledger Support

Xledger supports its customers from onboarding to integration and beyond. It has help files and support videos within the software and upgrades always come with supporting documentation. After every release, Xledger hosts live webinars. It provides priority support to new customers.

mail_outlineEmail: For support, customers should write to the support email for their region:
UK: [email protected]
US: [email protected]
Sweden: [email protected]
Norway: [email protected]
phonePhone: To contact support, users are required to send emails. The website does not say anything about phone support.
schoolTraining: Xledger has consultants host webinars every month, equipping users with tips to use the software.
local_offerTickets: Xledger uses Zendesk as its support portal. Customers can create tickets by sending emails to the appropriate email id and the support team responds via Zendesk.