Benefits and Insights

Why use Visibility ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Visibility ERP

  • Technology: The system supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. It provides multi-currency, inter-company and multi-company functionality throughout the entirety of the system. It also supports various languages and administers report labels, internal codes and form labels with internal translation tables. This allows for linked translation text in alternate languages. 
  • Collaboration: Visibility ERP notifies relevant users automatically when transactions require input or when an important event occurs. The solution contains a process modeling tool that provides approval routings for sales quotes and purchase requisitions. The system can be easily adjusted through built-in options meant to cater the application to unique business requirements. Users can also utilize drill-down inquiries and personalized reports through the IQPlus tool in addition to leveraging standard reports. 
  • Secure Portals: The program uses role-based security measures so that employees only have access to the data that they should be privy to. With this system, an administrator assigns roles to different users, giving them access to factors such as application forms, transactions and reports that fall within their purview. 
  • User-Defined Fields: Users can define fields for all ERP data in this system. With user-defined fields, data entry can be controlled, and the content of master data records or transactions can be extended. These entries can be made optional or required depending on user intention. 
  • Third-Party Integrations: Visibility ERP integrates with various third-party warehouse management programs. Because the program utilizes open architecture, it can easily connect to data collection systems, including barcode systems and wireless data capture. 

Industry Expertise

Visibility ERP is an effective option for medium-sized companies looking for either a cloud or on-premise solution. It’s especially beneficial to manufacturers that create complex products, such as ETO, CTO, project-based, MTO, hybrid and discrete. Additional sectors that use this solution include engineering, aerospace, construction, defense, industrial machinery, fabricated metals, high tech, electronics, contract manufacturing and energy.

Key Features

  • Business Performance Management: The business performance management tool is enabled via pre-linked data marts through Microsoft SQL Server analytic tools. These data marts capture the essential information needed to analyze operations. The Financial Analyzer captures data from various locations in both consolidation and base currencies. The analytical displays provide comparative, interactive and consolidated results. During the data loading phase of the consolidation data mart, the program conducts ledger account mapping, currency conversion and elimination entries. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: This solution coordinates and manages information from every interaction with customers and leads. The Customer Portal gives users access to important client information such as job status, notes and documents. The system also offers a 24/7 solution with automated self-service functionality. Salesforce automation functionality is included in the software as well through the Workflow Automation Engine. 
  • Quoting and Estimating: With this program, users can create comprehensive profitability and cost estimates for projects. Users can also receive a complete breakdown of labor, material and delivery costs. The system enables users to quote standard products that have availability and price as key variables, along with products that need multiple configurations or extensive design engineering. 
  • Financial Management: Visibility ERP contains analytics and reporting tools that let users monitor the financial performance of various engineering projects in real time. Some of the functions included in this tool are project accounting, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, product costing, installment billing, human resources, cost accounting and payroll management. 
  • Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management: This feature contains an integrated product backbone that supports enterprise requirements across multiple departments. It includes continuous engineering support and robust product data management to facilitate operations for companies that manufacture complex products. 
  • CAD Interface: This interface enables users to import and export BOMs and parts from sources such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PLM systems and contemporary 2-D and 3-D CAD. The program also eliminates the need to rekey CAD- and customer-supplied product definitions. The solution links ERP product data to electronic files and part drawings as well. 
  • Material and Production Planning: This feature matches demand and supply at every stage of the product lifecycle. It also manages material and resource requirements and production using material requirements planning, forecasting and capacity requirements planning information. 
  • Supplier Portal: Visibility ERP enables collaboration during the procurement process from requisitions to quotation to goods receipt. Internal users can utilize a web-based form to generate purchase requisitions for production parts or maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) items. The program also enables users to take purchase requisitions and either publish them online as an RFQ or convert them to purchase orders. The system provides access to selected data to update price schedules, create online quotes, analyze lead time information and communicate delivery promises. The Supplier Portal enables users to look at vendor responses to determine the balance between delivery performance and the offered price. 
  • Operations Management: Some of the operations management capabilities included in this program are labor management, quality systems management, work in progress, shop floor control, data collection and maintenance operations. The system also helps with the collection and analysis of quality control data. It enables users to deploy plant-wide resources through infinite, finite, forward or backward scheduling. It can also track and resolve customer service calls by integrating with the labor, controls or order entry functions included in other Visibility modules. 

Visibility ERP Suite Support

Visibility ERP tries to connect its users with the same support team member whenever they need assistance so that they can benefit from more personalized solutions. All customers have access to the vendor’s Response Center, and none of its support team is outsourced, meaning all team members have expert-level knowledge of the system.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can submit emails to the Response Center 24/7, but live support is available on Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.
phonePhone: Visibility ERP gives users access to the Response Center via phone. Customers can call at any time.
schoolTraining: The vendor offers various training resources, such as on-site training, remote video tutorials and customized training sessions.
local_offerTickets: Users can open tickets via the Response Center team.

Pricing for ERP Software


We replaced our legacy system with Visibility ERP to handle our ETO manufacturing and distribution business. We use POs, work orders, sales orders, and BOMs in Visibility ERP. We have configured it to pull out all the useful information we previously did not have access to in our legacy ERP system. I am an active user and we streamlined our operations to be far more efficient. A big benefit of Visibility is that if there's a unique customization we do that benefits other Visibility customers, then Visibility puts it into the standard product which makes upgrades easy for each customer and allows the product to get stronger and stronger with each new release. Visibility is a good company to team up with, we've teamed up with them, and we couldn't be happier.

Visibility listens to its customers by incorporating changes into the core system. This gives the customers the opportunity to benefit from what others are adding, which provides a lot of value to us. We would recommend the Visibility ERP solution to any Make-to-Order manufacturer. This system is designed to meet the needs of this industry and is a great tool.

The problem with many ERP solutions is that you can't get the data out. With Visibility's BI solution, I'm able to use Excel, making use of pivot tables to access data in whatever way I want, which enables me to perform analyses quickly which would have normally taken me hours and days to complete.

The .NET solution as opposed to other solutions out there is more on the cutting edge, and the ability to use a database that was either SQL or Oracle was a strong point for us with a limited IT staff.

A note from Visibility Corporation

Prospective Visibility Customer,

Visibility first opened its doors in 1988. From that moment on, we've done things differently.

We don't outsource anything. When you call us, you get a real person from our offices on the phone. If you need a customized solution, our development team will take care of it. If you want a second look at your business processes, our team includes experts in manufacturing, ERP software, and business processing who can provide feedback and recommendations.

We're family-operated and privately owned. Every decision we make, we make it because it benefits you and our software. Unlike our competitors, being acquired is not our goal. Our goal is to develop and nurture multi-generational relationships with our customers. Compare us to another ERP provider and you'll feel the difference, no matter your size.

If you have time, we can show you a demo or connect you with a couple of our customers in your industry for references. I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

- John Nugent, Chairman and CEO