Benefits and Insights

Why use Viridian Sciences?

Key differentiators & advantages of Viridian Sciences

  • Centralized Operations: Viridian Sciences centralizes various processes such as warehouse management, customer relationship management, distribution, production and inventory management. 
  • Accessibility: The system can be accessed through desktops, tablets and even televisions. It’s available on-the-go as long as you have an internet connection. 
  • Integration: Viridian Sciences integrates with Crystal Reports to provide more extensive reporting options. It also coordinates with Excel and SQL servers. 
  • Inventory Control: The program gives users control of multiple production elements and tracks factors such as necessary light, water, space, etc. It also supports standard item management, batches and individual serialized identifiers. 
  • Compliance: Viridian Sciences adheres to financial standards such as GAAP and IFRS. It also complies with the unique legal requirements associated with the cannabis industry. 

Industry Expertise

Viridian Sciences is a seed-to-sale solution that’s intended for businesses in the cannabis industry. It complies with global regulations and supports companies that operate in multiple locations.

Key Features

  • Accounting: The accounting function is GAAP-compliant. It also prepares financial documents according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) along with adhering to group reporting needs. 
  • Full Reporting Engine: Viridian Sciences contains Custom Crystal Reports that are built with the specific needs of the cannabis industry at top of mind. You can also build your own reports or ask the vendor’s team to create them for you. All forms can be exported into Excel, and SQL server support is included. 
  • Item Management: You can coordinate items through batches, standard item management or individual serialized identifiers in the program. This increases flexibility and enables you to track the most relevant metrics in your system. 
  • Deep Hardware Integration: Viridian Sciences provides a variety of integrations. At its core, it can connect to various mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets to give users access to the solution while on the go. It also connects to scanners such as RFID scanners, barcode scanners, driver’s license ID scanners and cash drawers. Integration with printers such as digital scales, receipt printers and label printers is included as well. 
  • Planning/Forecasting: Greenhouse planning and cannabis forecasting are two components of this program that are especially helpful for producers or those going through the production workflow. The system lets you map out the grow lifecycle of every strain and input requirements such as water, space, fertilizer and light. The forecasting tool estimates your grow yield by leveraging real-time data. 
  • Materials Resource Planning: The materials resource planning function in this solution gives users visualization and control over factors such as inventory, warehouse space and employee time to ensure that all resources are being used effectively. 
  • Labeling: You can create completely customized labels using this system. Some of the aspects that you can include on your materials consist of FDA food product labeling, patient information, barcodes, collective info and more. 
  • Distribution: Viridian Sciences lets you create efficiencies, no matter the operational size. It enables you to track and manage products across multiple warehouses and bin locations. Order fulfillment automation is also available and streamlines the workflow by leveraging locators and zones. 
  • Point-of-Sale: The program offers mobile and browser POS. It also contains a customer portal where you can gain insight on patient and customer transactions and other trends. The system has automated financial processes so you can easily develop invoices, orders and shipments. Marketing campaign management and customer relationship management are also supported in this solution to help gain better sales leads and retain more customers. Third-party e-commerce integration is available, as well. 

Viridian Sciences Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email assistance is available by contacting [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can dial (385) 323-9115 for assistance.
schoolTraining: Viridian Sciences has a team of support staff and implementation staff who work to increase user understanding of the product and help with initial setup and deployment. The Customer Care and Support teams consist of consultants with extensive industry experience to make learning applicable and easy.