Benefits and Insights

Why use VeraCore?

Key differentiators & advantages of VeraCore

  • Lowers Operating Costs: VeraCore helps users reduce and automate manual processes and fulfillment-based decision making to streamline operations.  
  • Maintains Inventory: It keeps track of transactions and maintains an audit trail. This feature lets customers view both historical and current inventory levels.  
  • Frees Up IT Staff: It frees up the IT department with the help of systems that simplify fulfillment.  
  • Get More Business: It equips the sales team with the tools required to win simple and complex projects.  
  • Lowers Expensive Errors: It reduces costly errors by eliminating mistakes with the help of a system of balances, checks and barcode technology.  
  • Get Paid Faster: VeraCore tracks billable activities and generates billing data so that users can send invoices to their customers quickly and get paid.  
  • Integrates with Leading Systems: It easily integrates with other systems, freeing up technical teams or developers.  
  • Ensures Business Continuity: It ensures business continuity with low downtimes. It provides high uptime and keeps client orders coming in.  
  • Support: VerCore provides client service that is available when clients need it.  

Industry Expertise

VeraCore has robust capabilities to attract new clients, improve retention and stay ahead of the competition. It maintains a high uptime and supports continuous availability. Its fulfillment software product is based on requests made by customers. It does not charge upgrade fees for accessing newer capabilities.

Key Features

  • Order Management: It automates the decision-making process for backorders, approvals and order processing, saving users money and time.  
  • Warehouse Management: VeraCore supports barcode technology, several picking options and shipping station integrations. These features streamline the order fulfillment process and help operate the warehouse efficiently.  
  • Inventory Control: Its features like serial numbers, lot tracking and support for UPC help handle inventory efficiently.  
  • Kit Assembly: It handles pre-building, creating custom kits and kitting on demand makes the kitting process easier and smoother.  
  • Web Services and Integration: It facilitates communication between Veracore and external systems, like payment gateways, web-to-print systems, CRMs and e-commerce shopping carts to keep track of inventory.  
  • Store Profile Distribution: It streamlines and simplifies the distribution of materials purchased and retail store profiling.  
  • Reports and Dashboards: It empowers customers with real-time access to data regarding products, orders, user activity and more. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  It does not display size clusters very well.  
  •  Menu items may not be named intuitively.  
  •  The interface is slightly outdated. 

VeraCore Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for sales and support.
phonePhone: Call (860) 721-8929 for sales and support.
schoolTraining: VeraCore provides both in-person and web-based training.
local_offerTickets: Customers can create tickets by submitting their details on VeraCore’s customer portal.

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