Benefits and Insights

Why use TRXio?

Key differentiators & advantages of TRXio

  • Cloud-Based Advantages: TRXio’s cloud-based deployment strategy comes with many helpful benefits that make it stand out from on-premise choices. Users can rely on secure backup to the cloud, easy document and information sharing, mobile access, and interruption-free updates.
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy: TRXio’s inventory management features allow users to create an organized environment to store products. Users can also leverage automation features that cut out manual inputs that can result in human error. 
  • Mobile Access: Users can access a simplified version of the full system via mobile and smart devices connected to the internet.
  • Cut Costs: TRXio allows users to gain a real-time look at their inventory instead of waiting for audits or invoices. Active tracking of individual stock items reduces the amount of “lost items” businesses pay for daily. 
  • Discover Operational Trends: Managers can use TRXio to gain valuable visibility into daily processes, which can then be leveraged to highlight areas that could use improvement. Discover where issues come from and correct them before they become a drain on resources. 

Industry Expertise

TRXio’s inventory management platform is in use by a number of industries, some of these include property management, pharmaceuticals, construction and commercial communications.

Key Features

  • LiveQR Code: TRXio provides a LiveQR label for each item that uniquely identifies the item. LiveQR also generates an itemized code for every product that offers links to targeted information. Users can automatically link items to web pages designed to give real-time information about the product. 
  • Asset Management: Users can leverage QR code asset management to scan large groups of product onto a work order. The system automatically creates an accurate change order for extra items that are scanned, which saves employee time. 
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: TRXio creates a time-stamped, step-by-step process that includes who handled the item all the way down the supply chain. Built-in tracking capabilities allow for kitting, master carton, bulk items and geo-locating. Users can create notes and photos that can then be attached on a per-item basis. 
  • Order Management: TRXio’s order management feature monitors the status of billing, accounting and invoicing. Items can be assigned and reserved for current and future orders, which provides a list of products by age. Orders can be rapidly assigned to employees while displaying a list of reserved items and orders to be filled. 
  • Project Management: These features help organize projects by phase, location and users assigned to it. TRXio generates a visual mapping of a project’s total scope and provides real-time status updates. Reports create visibility that allows users to control resources. 

TRXio Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available through the purchase of a subscription. Questions will be answered as quickly as possible.
phonePhone: Phone support is available through the purchase of a subscription. Technicians can be reached during normal business hours.
schoolTraining: TRXio provides a tier system of training programs, one-on-one training, and integration services that users can subscribe to. The Base Camp On-Site Training option allows users to train their teams in the comfort of their home office.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit questions about services and products to the sales team via TRXio’s website.

Cost of Ownership for TRXio

License/Subscription Cost
  • Single Subscription: $159/month
  • Team Subscription: $409/month based on a prepaid annual rate, regular monthly rate is $495/month
Customization Cost
  • Customer Integration Services: $175/hour
  • QuickBooks Integration: $695/year
  • D-Tools Integration: $499
Recurring/Renewal CostsRecurring costs include subscription fees, training, customization and integration costs


Support and technical staff at TRXio are great at understanding our needs and working through problems to make the system work as we envision. Now, we see even more opportunities to grow and TRXio will adapt to fit our evolving needs.

Before TRXio, we were using Excel and a custom equipment log spreadsheet, but this was very cumbersome and prone to error. As sales volume increased, we needed a way to track equipment and parts through the job cycle. We would strongly recommend TRXio because of its ability to record and track inventory so precisely, and a support team that is one of the best we work with. One of the most amazing things we have seen is how the software package has grown in a very short time based on suggestions we have given. We have never seen another software platform update as fast as TRXio, and each update is stable, which is a necessity in the business environment. Cairnstack Software and TRXio has become the mark with which we judge other companies by.

In the few months we have been using TRXio, it has given me the information that I need to make more informed decisions to improve the profitability of my business.

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