Benefits and Insights

Why use TrueERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of TrueERP

  • Fully Integrated - The TrueERP software suite is sold complete with every function and module included in the package, so when you use the TrueERP Software suite, you can simply and quickly turn on any of these modules, at anytime, and start using it immediately.

  • Real Time Reporting - TrueERP uses what is called real time transaction reporting, or is otherwise known as a date driven system. This means that the moment a transaction is entered, it will immediately appear and adjust every other module associated, including stock and all reports, balance sheet, profit and loss, stock quantities etc.

  • Recovering Costs - Extensive research has been done in and around the return on investment values associated with the cost of installing and implementing TrueERP Software suite as a business and management package and while the initial costs are a factor, the medium to long term returns are fantastic and should not be ignored.