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Why use SAP Business One?

Key differentiators & advantages of SAP Business One

  • Sapphire Anywhere: Sapphire Anywhere is a hosting service for SAP Business One that can support businesses of all sizes. It offers security and compliance, IT delivery services, disaster recovery and end-to-end managed services. Customers can choose between multi-tenant and single deployments. Additionally, Sapphire Systems has data centers located globally, making it a good option for businesses in a variety of locations.
  • SAP Business Add-Ons: There is a range of add-ons available for SAP Business One, and Sapphire Systems has developed customized solutions to help users get the most out of their software. The technical development team at Sapphire can assist with the following add-ons:
    • Bank Statement Import: This feature enables users to import financial information from any banking interface into the software solution. The program also conducts reconciliation.
    • Mail Merge: With this add-on, the system uses preexisting data housed in SAP Business One and uses that to perform a mail merge.
    • Contract Billing: This tool streamlines recurring customer billing.
    • Settings Cloner: The settings cloner develops templates and can duplicate form settings to standardize usage across the system and by different users.
    • Extended Analysis: This add-on can help users do a deeper dive into their financial data through advanced reporting and analysis capabilities.
    • Sales Forecasting: Sales forecasting uses historical data within a user-defined data range to forecast future sales numbers.
    • Auto Numbering: This tool helps ensure that data is clean and accurate by checking that entered data is in a sequence.
    • Prospect Import: The prospect import tool uploads contact information from third-party applications to the SAP Business One program.
    • Intercompany: Visibility of information throughout a company is available with this feature, therefore reducing errors with communication and operations.
  • Implementation Services: Sapphire Systems is experienced with global software implementation for companies of various sizes. It offers a range of services, including data mapping and migration, installation of new software, project management support, documentation and design workshops. Acceptance testing, on-site troubleshooting, user training, remote diagnostics, Go-Live Support, workshops, an assigned account manager team and webinars are also provided.
  • Upgrade Services: The reseller ensures that programs stay up-to-date through its upgrade services offering. During this process, Sapphire Systems reviews requirements for the upgrade, conducts data mapping and migration, creates an upgrade plan, troubleshoots acceptance testing and user training, and installs the new software for its clients. Every upgrade is tested before it’s offered or implemented to ensure that quality guidelines are met and that the program is usable.
  • Integration Services: When businesses undergo changes due to factors such as downsizing, expansion or mergers, Sapphire Systems can assist with software integration. The reseller ensures that the SAP Business One product retains the integrity of its transactional operations and gives users control over workflow processes.

Industry Expertise

Sapphire Systems caters to industries such as fashion and apparel, chemicals, manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, technology and nonprofit, among others. The reseller works with companies of various sizes on a global scale to assist with SAP Business One efforts, though it is especially well-tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses.

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Key Features

  • Financial Management: SAP Business One’s financial management features include accounting, reconciliation, banking, financial reporting and fixed asset management. Journal entries, accounts receivable and accounts payable can be automated with the program. The system enables users to track fixed assets, monitor project costs, control budgets and manage cash flow across a company. Customized reports can also be developed using real-time organizational data.
  • Sales and Customer Management: SAP Business One offers service management, sales and opportunity management, marketing campaign management, customer management and mobile sales. The system can track sales opportunities and client interactions, and marketing plans can be created and analyzed. The program enables users to craft warranty contracts and service contracts as well. The solution manages customer information from Microsoft Outlook in one centralized location.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Control: The system enables users to centralize the purchasing process with an easy-to-use interface. This repository contains information such as price lists, purchasing information and tax details. Goods receipts and inventory levels can also be synchronized in real time to assist in the purchase planning process and to automatically develop invoices from purchase orders. Procurement functionality includes returns management, requisition requests and the creation of goods receipts and purchase orders.
  • Analytics and Reporting: SAP Business One makes searching for data easier and enables users to create standard or ad hoc reports on demand. The program contains interactive dashboards that allow users to track aspects such as costs, revenue and cash flow while also measuring company performance. The information is available in real time across the organization.
  • Mobility: This program is available for deployment both on-premise and through the cloud, making it accessible to a variety of users. Employees can access and act on information such as stock levels, customer accounts, leads, and orders from their mobile phones.
  • Business Intelligence: SAP Business One allows users to create their own customized reports if needed. The program contains predefined KPIs to help improve sales performance and to give users more visibility into the organization’s cash balance. Data visualizations are available, and users can conduct analysis through the solution’s integration with Microsoft Excel. Users can also drill down data and set-up workflow-based alerts.

SAP Business One by Sapphire Systems Suite Support

Sapphire Systems provides expert-level support to its customers. The support team has more than 25 years of experience and is available 24 hours a day to answer user inquiries. Multilingual assistance is offered along with industry-specific expertise and global implementation knowledge.

mail_outlineEmail: Online assistance is available from Sapphire Systems. There is also a submission form available on the reseller’s support page where users can enter their questions and concerns.
phonePhone: Sapphire Systems offers phone support. Additionally, users can track the calls that they’ve made to the support team through the online support portal. The phone number for user assistance is 800-469-1820.
schoolTraining: The support portal contains a variety of educational tools to help customers get the most out of their SAP Business One deployment. Resources include free e-learning webinars and recordings, training course information, fact sheets and tips for using the software. Sapphire Systems also offers on-site events and seminars where customers can learn relevant information about their solution.
local_offerTickets: Users can track, edit and log their phone support cases through the support portal. Sapphire Systems can assist with diagnostics remotely or through on-site troubleshooting.
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