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Why use SAP Business ByDesign?

Key differentiators & advantages of SAP Business ByDesign

  • Heightened Visibility: SAP Business ByDesign contains real-time data analysis and visualization tools. For example, you can look at your finances minute-by-minute as transactions are processed and payments are made. Additionally, the project management feature allows you to see how projects are progressing and lets you look at attachments and information associated with individual project stages. 
  • Growth-Oriented: The configuration ability of this tool is relatively high, which allows it to transform as your business needs grow and change. Modules and different software systems can also be integrated with the program to account for your company’s specific workflows. 
  • Increased Collaboration: SAP Business ByDesign supports multi-site and global operations, therefore allowing for the centralization of information and the collaboration of employees across different business centers and workflows. The project management tool included in this program is another way that collaboration is increased due to the visualization of project tasks, which can be accessed by users with the appropriate permission levels. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: By looking at customer history, you can more adequately target marketing collateral and sales discussions to a specific user. Not only does this improve your sales rates, but it also offers customers more personalized and nuanced experiences, which can make clients happy and improve retention rates. 
  • Demonstrated Opportunities for Improvement: SAP Business ByDesign provides insight into the areas in which your business could be more streamlined or where money could be saved. For example, the procurement management tool lets you look at contracts and bids from suppliers and compare them so that you can negotiate better deals. You can also discover snags in your supply chain through the visualization of real-time production information. 
  • Data Security SAP secures your data through AES-256 encryption and SOC 2 compliance. Firewalls and 24/7 security monitoring can help deter hackers. Additionally, SAP’s data centers are ANSI/TIAEIA-942 Tier III facilities with bulletproof walls, meaning that the threat of unauthorized access to your system is further reduced. 

Industry Expertise

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based solution geared towards small- and medium-sized companies in a variety of industries. It does contain some additional functionality for companies in the professional services, manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries along with the public sector. For example, it allows companies to comply with legal regulations, visualize the entirety of the manufacturing system, evaluate client profitability and reduce operational costs.

Key Features

  • Financial Management: SAP Business ByDesign allows you to look at your financial situation in real-time through its leverage of customer and supplier transaction data. It also supports multiple different currencies and reporting standards, therefore ensuring that business conducted globally is accounted for and centralized. 
  • CRM 360 View: The CRM 360 View contains the ability to manage customers from the time they are prospects to the time they complete their final purchase. The system uses historical purchase data to generate targeted advertisements. This customer history can also be handed over to your sales team, who can use this information to refine and improve sales tactics. 
  • Human Resources Management: The human resources tool allows employees to manage their own timesheets and personal information. The program also gives HR professionals the ability to monitor purchase requests, complete payroll processing and manage time and labor. 
  • Project Management: The project management feature includes a project cost report that lets you calculate revenue and expenses on a project basis. You can also analyze document flow through this feature’s integration with your supply chain. Documents such as customer invoices can be attached to projects to increase collaboration and visibility. 
  • Procurement Management: SAP Business ByDesign centralizes your supplier information, therefore enabling you to negotiate better deals and recognize inefficiencies. You can also manage supplier contracts in the system. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Demand planning can be conducted in real time and using forecasting methods such as seasonal linear regression and moving average. The tool also contains outlier correction. Production management and supply network visibility are other helpful features of this tool. 
  • Localization: SAP Business ByDesign allows you to operate globally. It centralizes information from different countries, companies and accounting systems to create a complete and accurate view of the state of your company. 


SAP Business ByDesign has some pitfalls that you should consider before making your software selection. These issues concern formatting, intuitiveness and customization.

Some of the product limitations include:

  • Not very user-friendly and can be difficult to use
  • Customization can be difficult because the solution is fairly rigid
  • HTML formatting is not available
  • Doesn’t provide strong customer support for data migration and system implementation
  • Doesn’t include a drag-and-drop feature for attachments, so users have to attach them manually

Suite Support

SAP Business ByDesign offers the SAP Support Portal, which allows you to create incident reports, access knowledge forums and discover solutions to problems. Its Schedule an Expert, Expert Chat and Traditional Incident features will enable you to directly connect with SAP engineers to resolve technical issues. You can also receive answers to non-technical questions that aren’t answered in the knowledge base by reaching out via email or phone.

mail_outlineEmail: SAP Business ByDesign clients can submit requests for non-technical assistance via email.
phonePhone: Non-technical support can be accessed via telephone. For new technical issues of low or medium priority, you can use the Schedule an Expert feature to speak with an SAP Support Engineer on the phone for 30 minutes. At least 48 hours of notice is required for scheduled appointments.
schoolTraining: SAP offers free training for aspects such as supply chain management and analytics. It also contains certification courses that allow you to demonstrate your expertise with the program. Online courses related to the latest features of SAP Business ByDesign are available with a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub.
local_offerTickets: Incident tickets can be entered using the SAP ONE Support Launchpad for high and medium priority issues. When you open an incident ticket, you will receive direct support from an SAP Support Engineer.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • User-based monthly subscription licensing fees are calculated on a named-user basis and contracted on an annual basis
  • The pricing schedule is based on three categories of users: self-service users, team users, and enterprise users
  • Pricing and functionality varies for each category
  • Cost varies depending on the pricing tier you opt for along with requested functionalities
Maintenance Cost
  • Cost is included in the subscription fee
  • SAP Business ByDesign manages all of the hosting, maintenance and upgrades of the system
  • All core services such as upgrades, 24/7 support, backup, recovery management, mobile access and regular upgrades are covered by SAP and included in the monthly fee
  • Additional fees are charged for access to a dedicated server
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • Cost is not included in the subscription fee
  • Companies have the option to deploy the complete solution on their own or through fixed-price starter packages as designed by SAP or through SAP partners
Customization Cost
  • The price will vary depending on the functional requirements and modules added such as cash management, project management, CRM, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, human resources, executive management dashboards and compliance
  • SAP store integration, MS Outlook and Excel integration are included in the monthly subscription fee
  • Additional fees are charged for integration via web services
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • The cost will vary depending on the amount and type of data to be migrated from the legacy system, availability of migration tools, data profiling, data cleansing to eliminate errors and audit trail of the migration process for accountability
  • Data storage cost is included in the monthly subscription fee
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • The cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fees to be paid based on number of users, additional user licenses purchased, type of plan/edition purchased, dedicated server integration and add-on cost

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