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Key differentiators & advantages of SalesPad

  • Accessibility: SalesPad Cloud is available for deployment both on-site and through the cloud, making it an accessible option for businesses with a variety of workflow needs. 
  • Data Centralization: This ERP solution puts information in a single location so that data can be shared across departments. This increases operational productivity and visibility. 
  • Modularity: SalesPad Cloud is a highly modular solution and offers modules such as sales document management, customer tracking, adjustments, inventory management, purchase orders, assemblies transaction, vendor directory, transaction record and receipt management. 
  • Third-Party Integrations: Users can personalize the solution to meet their unique needs by utilizing some of the offered third-party integrations. Integrations are available with programs such as Shopify, QuickBooks, ShipStation, SellBrite, Zapier, PayFabric, Google Drive and Slack. 
  • Security: This solution offers user-level restrictions, meaning that customer service, warehouse and sales employees don’t have access to sensitive financial and accounting information. These security measures enable users to decide what each user can edit, view and process within the system. Audit history is also available so that management can see the who, what and when of transactions. 
  • No Data Restrictions: SalesPad Cloud doesn’t limit the number of customers, transactions, items, users and locations stored in the system. 

Industry Expertise

SalesPad Cloud is a helpful ERP and inventory management solution for a variety of manufacturers and distributors, whether they be medium-sized or full-blown enterprises. It’s an effective option for companies with either B2C or B2B channels. The program can be deployed via the cloud or through on-site installation, and multiple add-ons are offered to adhere to the unique needs of different companies.

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Key Features

  • Inventory Management: SalesPad Cloud gives users visibility of where inventory is located and the quantity of items. It provides full cost stacks of products through the FIFO and LIFO valuations methods. The program can manage workflows in multiple locations through its ability to receive and transfer orders among different warehouses and points of operation. The system also offers real-time counts of inventory levels. Reordering points are leveraged to create purchase orders automatically when product inventory levels begin to get low. 
  • Barcoding: Items can easily be transferred to different locations or bins within a warehouse with SalesPad Barcode. This feature can simplify processes such as picking, order fulfillment and packing sales orders. It adjusts the inventory moving in and out of the warehouse using stock counts. The program also conducts incremental scanning and offers an intuitive interface for users so that merchandise can be received against purchase orders. 
  • Credit Card Processing: SalesPad Cloud leverages PayFabric to process credit card payments. These payments are all validated with PCI-DSS standards. To avoid some of the issues that come with adhering to PCI compliance, transaction data is stored in the cloud and not in local environments. The Customer Wallets feature can store multiple customer credit cards in a single location. This function also contains multiple payment gateways using a non-expiring universal token that eliminates the need to obtain different certifications. 
  • Reporting: The solution contains reporting tools that can analyze information related to inventory, customers, sales and costs. Graphical dashboards are available to present a visualization of product, salesperson and customer data. With the sales module, users can also develop dynamic and custom reports that display relevant metrics. Prebuilt and location-specific end-of-day reports are also available with this feature. SalesPad Cloud individually tracks sales channels so that ongoing results can be viewed and compared. The tool also includes a comprehensive account of inventory and sales history. 
  • Customer Card: The customer card functionality gives customer service representatives access to a variety of client information to improve the possibility for positive interactions. Each card contains data ranging from order history to basic customer information to detailed notes. 
  • Advanced Accounts Receivable (A/R) Functionality: With SalesPad Cloud, you can mark customers as being in good standing, making it so that you only accept orders from clients with a positive track record. You can enter credit limits on each customer card and information such as outstanding payments, aging buckets and detailed notes are available on the A/R tab. 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The solutions tracks customer interactions and offers an Excel-style search grid containing pre-filled customer information such as payment terms and billing and shipping addresses. The system also enables users to set up rules to automatically process orders. The program can track extra information by allowing users to add additional fields that aren’t already present in the solution. 
  • Order Processing: The system defines the rules, requirements and criteria for operations. For example, users might use rules to split documents into multiple orders or to flag documents for review if a customer is marked as having poor payment terms. This solution offers control over every product in an inventory, no matter what channel is used to sell them. With this program, price levels can be set for all customers along with different pricing rules per item or transaction. 
  • Dropshipping: SalesPad Cloud supports companies that utilize dropshipping. This enables businesses that buy products from third-parties and then ship them to consumers to easily facilitate the distribution workflow. 
  • Item Matrix: This solution contains a variant item option, which allows users to create related items through attribution assignment methodology. Matrix order entry methodology is also available and makes it easier for users to discover the parent variant item and enables them to enter the quantities for every associated product. Unique SKUs are automatically generated for each inventory item that’s created during variant item setup as well. 

SalesPad Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can receive assistance from a representative via email or through the chat feature on the SalesPad website. Tickets can also be submitted via email.
phonePhone: Phone support is available for all users. Client Account Managers are assigned by region, and their contact information can be found by visiting
schoolTraining: Training and documentation are available online both through SalesPad’s website and on the company’s YouTube channel. More advanced training is offered through the vendor’s consulting team, who can work one-on-one with users to answer questions and explain processes within the system.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted via email or through the chat feature on SalesPad’s website.

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On our old system, it would take 25-30 minutes just to quote a job. Now with SalesPad, I can do it in 5-10 minutes. We can easily search for line items and get that quote out the door fast ... SalesPad Cloud has made my life much easier.

Two years ago we had, at most 300 orders coming in during the day. Now we have up to 500 ... with the same number of staff members, we're more efficient and doing a better job processing those orders, and I know that's because of SalesPad.

A note from SalesPad

Operational ERP is why we exist. It's why more than 15,000 people trust SalesPad to manage their manufacturing and distribution. We believe there's room for improvement in any organization, which is why we equip businesses with the tools needed to more effectively approach their day-to-day activities.

We take the uncertainty out of running a business, whether that's maintaining inventory, interacting with customers, making sales, or shipping orders on time. Working alongside existing accounting platforms like QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Intacct, we deliver meaningful customer data without compromising the security of core financials. SalesPad's mission is to bring the best inventory management solution to current and future customers, helping them leverage their current business processes using SalesPad's industry-leading expertise.

- Paul Deboer, Marketing Operations Manager

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