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Why use QAD ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of QAD ERP

  • Improve Communication: Communicate with suppliers by providing them access to the QAD Supplier Portal. Additionally, QAD Cloud EDI provides translation and communication services that work with QAD Cloud eCommerce. The result is end-to-end communication with trade partners. 
  • Increase Throughput: The system uses “Drum-Buffer-Rope” techniques to optimize the supply chain. Employees can receive automatic notifications when there are backorders or shortages that will affect the manufacturing process. 
  • Better Visibility: Better visibility allows you to be aware of demand changes and work quickly to accommodate them. The analytics dashboard provides the user with unified data from multiple sources and the product genealogy feature tracks products. Other features that provide better visibility include the CRM feature, which supplies customer service technicians with all customer information they could need. The financial management module allows the user to view key financial information. 
  • Maximize Productivity: QAD Warehousing reduces the need for additional labor and makes current warehouse employees more productive. The system uses consolidated picking to reduce traffic and enable multiple tasks within each trip in the warehouse. 
  • Make Strategic Business Decisions:  From analytics to budgeting, the system supplies users with the tools to make well-informed and data-driven business decisions. The user has instant access to this information from any mobile device, so you’re able to make business decisions anytime, anywhere.  
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance:  Ensure you are staying compliant with your financial reports concerning regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or J-SOX. 

Industry Expertise

QAD Cloud ERP is designed for manufacturers, and they have specialized solutions for automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech, industrial and life sciences industries.

Key Features

  • Manufacturing: Track products throughout the production process, print labels, gain visibility into plans, schedules and supporting data. Lean manufacturing improves quality and eliminates waste. The Master Scheduling Workbench allows you to simulate changes to the schedule before you confirm changes to it.  
  • Supply Chain Management: You can plan, track and manage costs through the Distribution Requirements Planning feature. The QAD Supplier Portal allows you to share information about inventory, scheduling, purchase orders, shipments and more with your suppliers. QAD Warehousing handles complex warehouses and high volume picking. You can access pending acquisitions from your mobile device.  
  • Customer Management: The CRM feature provides a 360-degree view of your customer interactions and processes sales orders and invoices. The Customer Self Service feature provides the user with a web store-front that you can match to your own website’s branding. The configurator allows for mass production of customized products that may be delivered from any facility, no matter where the user initially did the configuration. Customer service and support run the entire services lifecycle, from managing service orders to providing all customer information that servicing personnel could need to perform their job. 
  • Financial Management: A general ledger, accounts receivable and payable are made available to you through the financial management feature. Other capabilities include multi-currency, cost management, credit management, budgeting and financial analysis. The system generates periodic or ad-hoc corporate and governmental reports, consolidates financial records and manages and tracks freight costs.  
  • Analytics: QAD BI displays your data at a single source, and users can access this information from any mobile device. You can create and run reports while managing your business processes with this feature.  
  • Integration: The software comes with robust ERP system integration solutions. QAD Cloud EDI streamlines communication between customers and suppliers, while QAD EDI eCommerce provides tighter integration with your trading partners. QAD Boomi AtomSphere can connect cloud applications to on-premise applications without requiring any additional hardware. QAD Q-Xtend automates data synchronization and eliminates both manual data entry and custom interfaces maintenance.  

QAD Cloud ERP Suite Support

QAD offers 24/7 online support through the Support Center and several self-help resources. They provide community forums where their customers can connect with other QAD users. Other support capabilities are the QAD store, which allows users to test system compatibility, and the knowledge base, which functions as an intuitive FAQ. All support is taken care of online through the Support Center and there is no email or phone number provided.
schoolTraining: QAD offers online training where users can see their recommended topics and register for online and live classes. The document library has in-depth training and installation guides and detailed release letters for new features.

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