Benefits and Insights

Why use Omnna?

Key differentiators & advantages of Omnna

  • Enhance the Customer Experience: Omnna enhances the customer experience with client based relationship tracking and options for integrations to your CRM. This connectivity provides a seamless shopping experience.  
  • Improve Transparency: Omnna provides a single source of truth with a centralized system for your data. In addition, inbuilt regulatory standards improves financial transparency. 
  • Boost Productivity: Automation of routine tasks helps employees break down barriers and boost productivity. Reporting provides insights that allows users to further improve productivity.  
  • Optimize Operations: The system aims to prevent over-ordering, forecasts demand and improves production to ultimately optimize operations. 

Industry Expertise

Omnna offers industry-specific solutions for a large variety of businesses in construction, dealer, industrial supply, retail, wholesale and parts stores verticals.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS): The complete B2B and B2C warehouse management solution guides your daily warehouse operations and provides a centralized repository for your company information. The solution can handle the following:

    • Inventory management and tracking of thousands of products. 
    • Manage warehouse activities and processes by optimizing asset use and overall throughput with best practices for picking, packing and shipping. 
    • Printing of shipping labels and integrations to UPS, FedEx, USPS and ShipStation for shipping.  
  • Distribution Management: The distribution management solution comes with several modules: inventory management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, front counter operations (POS), demand management and purchasing and procurement.  
  • ERP: Omnna ERP is an end-to-end solution that automates all business operations and streamlines order-to-fulfillment, lead-to-cash and procure-to pay processes. It provides a real-time view of company data, supports multiple currencies and integrates to QuickBooks. The solution includes the following capabilities:
    •  CRM 
    •  Human Resources (HR) 
    •  Distribution, Freight and Warehouse Management 
    •  Inventory and Order management 
    •  Supply Chain Management 
    •  Business Intelligence and Reporting 
    •  Android and .NET WMS for capable multi-site logistics  

  • Supply Chain Management: The supply chain management solution comes with capabilities for supply chain planning, demand planning, vendor management, inventory management, supplier management, procurement, strategic sourcing, warehouse management and order fulfillment. 
  • Integration: The system replaces multiple disparate systems to provide one integrated solution for credit card processing, POS, integrated eCommerce, CRM, inventory, warehouse, procurement and more. In addition, Omnna can build an automated lead integration to your CRM system; pricing is available upon request, and custom integrations are available as well. 
  • Security: Hosted through Amazon Web Services, Omnna provides military-grade encryption, active firewall monitoring and mirrored environments. 


At the time of this review’s publication, these are the known limitations of Omnna, based on user feedback:

  •  Lack of a full-featured accounting solution; integrations are required. 

Omnna Suite Support

Omnna offers ongoing account maintenance which includes troubleshooting, emergency guidance and system check-ups which are available by request.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support isn't provided at this time.
phonePhone: Call 1.817.756.1717 ext. 3 to speak to a customer service representative Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, excluding U.S. federal holidays.
schoolTraining: Education and training is provided through Omnna University. Training videos and documentation are embedded into corresponding system modules for direct access.
local_offerTickets: There is no ticketing information available at this time.