Benefits and Insights

Why use Mobility eCommerce?

Key differentiators & advantages of Mobility eCommerce

Data accuracy:- With the assurance that the data and information are accurate, there are almost nil chances of errors, it helps in preparing time management charts and monitor delivery of orders.

Fulfillment Management:- Transfer Shipment Tracking Details Like Consignment No, Expected Delivery & Personalized Message and  Keep Customer Informed Of Every Stage.

Product & Inventory Sync:- It works by syncing up info on product. It also permits the attribute map customization employing aterribly intuitive mapping tool.  this integration supports product information, pricing, matrix things, kits and images.

Error Elimination – Reduce chances of errors with automated data entry system for all aspects, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.

Save Time and Money: - Our value-for-money solutions, allow you to concentrate on your core activity, eliminating need for heavy investment on hardware or software.

Shipping Details Export: - Notify your customers with shipping and tracking details as soon as you fulfil the orders. 

Product Sync: - Automatically lower an item’s availability when it has been sold and update the customer’s purchase history, permitting future up-sell and cross-sell marketing campaigns to be targeted to that customer.

  •  Attract New Customers
  •  Increase Conversion Rates
  •  Gain more sales from repeat customers
  •  Mobile Commerce Traffic and Sales
  •  Support Cross Channel Shopping
  •  Social Marketing