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  • Sales: Easily create quotes and RFQs without the use of complicated spreadsheets. Create sales orders instantly and generate invoices, work orders, and pick lists at the touch of a button.

  • Accounting: Fully automated payroll and staffing processes with MIE Trak Pro's advanced time clock features. Seamlessly integrate billing, invoicing, and payroll activity with the leading accounting software packages.

  • Manufacturing: Maximize efficiency with an automatic scheduling engine that's vertically integrated with your supply chain Programming is based on specified due dates, required sequences, and the availability of work centers and machines.

  • Engineering: Increase quality and minimize failures at each step of the manufacturing process. Identify and address quality concerns with powerful analytic reports that identify key areas of improvement.

  • Integrations: MIE Trak Pro has seamless integration with accounting software products such as Quickbooks & Sage. This integration allows MIE Trak Pro users to easily import and export invoices, purchase orders, customer data, and supplier information. MIE Trak Pro also integrates with various payroll software applications.
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G2 Crowd
"MieTrak Pro has allowed me to create, edit and release workorders much more quickly than previously.\
The layout and design of the user interface. You can open multiple windows of the same process, ie, sales order, or router, work order. It allows flexibility, as you have 1 router window open that you are working on and someone in the shop wants to have you take a look at another router, you just open another window and you can work on that router without disturbing the other router.
Pulling data out for charting on a micro level like by item number instead of the global level which looks at all of the part numbers that have been processed within a year instead of a snap shot by month. Quality metrics that are needed for ISO controls.
G2 Crowd
"MieTrak Review\
Hello, We have been using MieTrak Pro for 3 years at our precision sheet metal shop. We are a fairly small company and a job shop, which means we make and implement changes quickly. I need software that is as nimble and quick as we are. On the other hand, as an ISO certified company, we also need things to be done right and be fully supported including tracking our processes and archiving our prints and certs. We have come to use MieTrak for every aspect of the business with the exception of accounting and estimating. The software is great for creating and sending Purchase Orders, tying those purchases to active work orders, tracking the progress of the work orders, checking real-time tracking, sequencing routers, employee and machine center scheduling, and basically everything we need to manage sales, procurement, production and shipping. As a person who wears many hats and works in multiple departments, I enjoy being able to start from any process able to link through to any other process to find the data that I looking for. This is helpful when there are issues to resolve. For example, I can simply start with the PO# that I wrote for some material that came in and was rejected. With just that piece of data (the PO#), I can pull up the PO, find the associated Work Order, link to the Sales Order and see everything about the order that will allow me to make whatever informed decision I need to make. I can also see where the status of the order is based on the employee time tracking and router sequencing data that is tied to the work order. If you spend the time to learn the system and how to flow through the modules, you can basically know exactly what is going on at your company at any time and make decisions on the fly. This helps us identify issues faster, make decisions faster, respond faster and also inform the customer about any of these considerations, all in real time.
I don't have any major dislikes. Fortunately, if there are issues that I have (which come up from time to time), I just reach out to the MieTrak team and they either help me to resolve the issue, or include the fix in the next software release. They are very good about listening to what we want and then updating the software to do it.
MieTrak helps us to buy smart. We can run the MRP module and see our forecast for individual buy-outs, even if they are purchased for multiple customers across many sales and work orders. This tool has been a great cost saver and I can't imagine functioning without it. Another great function is the machine center loading/scheduling. We can plan as close or far into the future as we want to make sure that we are committing to accurate lead-times, avoiding bottle necks in the shop and scheduling the correct number of employees on any given day.
G2 Crowd
"Very Straight forward.\
MIE Trak is very convenient and easy to use. It is pretty much straight forward, everything you enter or change under any Sales Order/ Purchase Order is saved. I liked how you can also view the last person that made changes in case of any discrepancies.
Sometimes the MIE Trak program is slow and takes a while for me to input data, it takes me longer than I should.
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