Benefits and Insights

Why use metasfresh?

Key differentiators & advantages of metasfresh

  • Scalability: Metasfresh provides a couple of deployment options and is designed for growing companies. It offers a free, self-hosted system and a paid option that they provide support for and host.  
  • Flexibility: Several features within the system are flexible in their capabilities and have various options for the user. You can handle dunning procedures uniquely for specific customers if you choose to. Payments can be grouped as needed, and dunning procedures can be changed for individual customers. 
  • Automation: The system automates mundane tasks like data entry, booking of payments and consignments. Changes you make are instantly reflected in their respective systems, such as payments received, bank statements and settlement of receivables. You can schedule payment orders for the system to distribute at the selected date and time. 
  • Ease of Use: Metasfresh has an intuitive user interface that runs on any modern browser. Training is provided through webinars or at your office. Keyboard shortcuts, auto prompt, auto-save and auto data loading support ease of use. You can get to any feature within the system with one to two clicks. 
  • High Speed: The backend API equips the system with the bandwidth to process large amounts of data. Additionally, the system has optimized user navigation, pagination, lazy loading and caching, which all make for a high-speed user experience.  
  • Collaboration: Messaging is enabled within the system and you can see your messages and tasks in your personal inbox.  
  • Link Sharing: Link sharing is enabled so you can share a link with others just as you would with a traditional website, including filtered pages. 

Industry Expertise

Metasfresh is for growing small to medium-sized businesses. It works well for manufacturing and wholesale companies.

Key Features

  • Sales: The metasfresh sales feature allows you to import customer orders through data sources such as an EDI or Excel. Preparing an offer can be done with one click through the offer entry tool, and orders can be recorded on the quick entry tool. 
  • Shipment: Shipping is managed with automated delivery planning, order picking, packing, delivery notes and booking of consignments. It allows you to intervene in the delivery process at any time, and the interface is graphical and intuitive.  
  • Invoice Management: The system can instantly schedule and generate invoices, including collective invoices. It can capture invoice data, and the accounting system automatically receives payment details associated with invoices. It can create invoices that are automatically linked to their respective invoice lines and scanned for any discrepancies. 
  • Payments: The system manages incoming and outgoing payments. You can import payment slips, automatically balance payments received with bank statements and more with the incoming payments feature. Outgoing payments can automate issuing payment orders, export them in SEPA format, automatically generate payment assignments and assign payments. 
  • Reminders: Reminders ensure that your organization collects payments from customers. The system allows you to categorize customers differently within the dunning procedure, and it can create adaptable dunning levels. When a payment is late, the system gives you the option to grant a grace period or create a dunning document. 
  • Incoming Goods: Incoming goods are manageable with scheduling and POS features. The system gives you the option to integrate any number of weighing scale systems. Delivery confirmation documentation and booking of incoming goods wrap up the process.  
  • Procurement: The procurement tool allows you to subcontract orders to your suppliers from your customer orders, with the usual rates of your contractors automatically considered.  

Metasfresh Suite Support

Metasfresh gives its users the option to self-support or select a plan that includes support. They have an online forum where users can discuss any issues as well as an issue tracker for reporting bugs or errors. Tips for support, troubleshooting and a user manual can be found within their online documentation. Updates are frequently provided.

mail_outlineEmail: There is no support email provided.
phonePhone: There is no support phone number provided.
schoolTraining: Metasfresh offers online webinars and in-office training that are hands-on.