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Why use Macola?

Key differentiators & advantages of Macola

  • Improved Financial Control: With the general ledger, users can manage core financial information leading to better financial control and decision making that can lower costs and minimize human error. 
  • Streamline Operations: Centralized document creation and management with secure and role-based access lets users streamline operations. This helps users monitor and manage their business operations. 
  • Monitors Business Activity: It monitors business data and executes actions through triggers that can be pre-set by the user. This leads to lowered costs, better productivity and higher revenue. 
  • Ensure Smooth Distribution: Macola maintains inventory in real time, making sure that users avoid overstocking and stockouts. This ensures that investment in excess inventory is reduced while boosting inventory efficiency overall. 
  • Manage Customer Data: It comes equipped with a pre-built platform to manage companies’ relationships with their customers. 
  • Process Payments: Macola has powerful accounting and finance capabilities that enable users to process orders and manage payments. 
  • Critical Job Functions: Macola allows workspaces to be created for specific jobs, such as a human resource workspace, a sales workspace, an order processing workspace or a finance and accounting workspace. 
  • Optimize Time: The personalized workspaces that can be created within Macola help lower the time needed to perform tasks by providing users with critical data and functions. 
  • Always Accessible: Personalized workspaces can be accessed from anywhere at any time using browsers, tablets, smartphones and client servers.

Industry Expertise

Macola is an ECi Software Solutions company and its expertise lies in managing all aspects of the manufacturing, inventory and distribution process. It also supports add-ons such as warehouse management systems, electronic data interchanges and planning and scheduling features to enhance users’ distribution systems. Other add-ons that Macola supports are financial consolidation, demand forecasting and sales tax management.

Key Features

  • Accounting and Finance: Macola gives users a real-time financial overview of their company. Using the general ledger, users can manage the business’s financial core, cut costs, reduce human error and improve decision making. 
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: This feature of Macola ensures that the flow of raw materials, services and supplies does not get disrupted, resulting in a good reputation with the vendors. It also helps manage credit and activity to help maximize cash flows. 
  • Excel Add-ins: Macola and Excel link dynamically, allowing users to access data in Excel. It is not necessary to export data and it offers dynamic and immediate reporting capabilities. 
  • Monitoring Business Activity: Macola monitors users’ business information and scans users’ operations every minute. It can send email alerts, update databases, generate reports and initiate workflows. 
  • Business Process Management: Macola comes with document management, customized workflows and CRM capabilities. These features ensure that users store information securely and centrally so that it can be accessed from anywhere, streamlining customer interactions. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: This feature organizes customer data in a single database. Users’ clients, vendors, employees and business partners are connected via Macola, allowing them to capture customer experiences. Users can understand, monitor, maximize and manage sales performance. 
  • Inventory Management: Macola ensures the right products are in stock. It helps also helps users avoid overstocking and stockouts. 
  • Order Entry: It facilitates order entry processes. It also accepts quotes and orders, validates credit and calculates prices. The system supports pickups and shipping by recommending lots to be picked along with order lines. It generates shipping documents like packing slips, labels and bills. 


The following limitations are current as of the creation of this page:
  • A few manufacturing features are difficult to use 
  • It does not support calculating the cost of inventory items by serial number
  • It does not support custom reports 
  •  Users need to go through many steps to perform simple tasks 

Macola Suite Support

Macola has dedicated portals for customers and partners. Using the portal, customers can register issues and submit tickets.
mail_outlineEmail: Email for support is not given on the website.
phonePhone: To speak to Macola experts for both sales and support, users can call (800) 468-0834 from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. — 7.00 p.m. EDT.
schoolTraining: Macola users can choose from many types of support contracts. It offers training, consultation, project management and business process assessment. To add to that, it provides migration packages in case there are changes in the product line.
local_offerTickets: Users can create tickets by submitting their details in a contact form on the website.

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