Benefits and Insights

Why use LeafLogix?

Key differentiators & advantages of LeafLogix

  • Process Consolidation: As a seed-to-sale solution, LeafLogix gives cannabis companies support in all business aspects, from product growth to final distribution. Data related to each of these workflows is also consolidated, so that insight generation is simpler. 
  • Data Visibility: The program offers robust reporting and visualization tools to assist in the development of actionable insights. Customized reports are also available so you can keep track of the data that’s most important to your company. 
  • Compliance: LeafLogix complies with regulations and industry standards in a variety of geographic areas. It integrates with METRC state systems, Leaf Data and Bio Track. 
  • E-Commerce Support: The e-commerce feature of the platform connects with your existing website and can help track sales and inventory status. 
  • Inventory Management: The inventory management function enables you to track more than 50,000 plants. Cultivation operations can be tracked by room, plant, lot and more. 

Industry Expertise

LeafLogix is a seed-to-sale solution with included compliance tools for businesses that operate in a range of geographic areas. It supports the whole product lifecycle from the time the product is grown to when it’s finally delivered or sold to a customer.

Key Features

  • Point-of-Sale: The point-of-sale function supports returns, pre-orders, patient check-in and discount programs. It also automates the process of creating and printing labels. Reporting and analytics tools can track history and segment by customer and product. 
  • Cultivation: LeafLogix lets you manage more than 50,000 plants and collates plant metrics derived from lab results. You can track cultivation efforts in the program by plant, lot, room and more. The tool supports the creation and printing of inventory tags along with customizable metrics that can help you quickly visualize the data that’s most important to your company’s operations. 
  • Processing: This feature optimizes the fulfillment process by accounting for state regulations and inventory availability. It also conducts inventory management by leveraging user-controlled statuses. Recipe building, product merge/split capabilities, product creation, and tracking are some additional features you can utilize in this tool. The program is integrated with Leaf Data, BioTrack and METRC state systems. 
  • Wholesale and Distribution: LeafLogix includes the ability to create manifests, input loyalty and discount programs, maintain transaction history and perform order allocations. It supports wholesale e-commerce operations and can give your employees sales commissions. 
  • Business Intelligence: The reporting templates in LeafLogix are incredibly easy to use — many of them are one-click. The included suite of product-driven reports can be printed and exported to CSV. Custom reporting and graphs can also be leveraged to provide your business with the most relevant metrics needed to develop actionable insights. 
  • E-Commerce: The e-commerce feature in LeafLogic can be directly embedded into your existing website. Some of the capabilities associated with this feature are real-time inventory management, tracking of customer allotments and loyalty, pickup allocation and delivery assignment. 

LeafLogix Suite Support

The LeafLogix team can be contacted by calling 1-800-771-1984 or sending an email to [email protected] The team headquarters is in New York, NY, and other office locations include Denver, Los Angeles and Toronto.
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