Benefits and Insights

Why use Leaf Logix?

Key differentiators & advantages of Leaf Logix

  • Reduced Disruptions: It employs a high-quality Microsoft Azure Cloud operating system to keep data secure, support business expansion and provide cohesive updates without interruption. 
  • Tailored Features: Leaf Logix listens to users and only offers tools, accessories and updates that align with their business needs. 
  • Reliable Support Team: Users gain access to customer support that also consists of skilled technicians. They can solve issues and structure new features as needed. 
  • Stay in the Loop of Regulations: Leaf Logix keeps users in the loop of ever-changing cannabis regulations and constructs safeguards within a user's system to keep their facility up to par. 
  • Encourage Customer Upselling: It enables users to create client profiles with purchase history and preferences for potential upselling opportunities. 
  • Boost Operations: Users can increase their company's productivity with simple-to-use plant metrics and personalized workflow wizards. 
  • Apportion Alerts: It offers prompt allotment notifications for clientele to avoid accidental overselling of specific products. 

Industry Expertise

James Minutello, a supply chain logistics associate for more than 25 years, founded Leaf Logix in 2015. Its products are intended for multi-license organizations that serve recreational and medical cannabis, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) companies. Its outreach includes 30 states and three continents. Leaf Logix offers more than 1500 cannabis facilities the ideal operations management and regulates tentative compliances.

Key Features

  • In-Depth Sales Reports: The point of sale module allows users to review thorough sales reports and analytics by product or by customer. This accessory also offers loyalty and discount programs.  
  • Develop Labels: Users can create and print various labels for products through the point of sale accessory. They can implement patient check-ins and link to third-party solutions.  
  • Monitor Plant Life: The cultivation component permits users to employ adjustable metrics and workflow wizards to oversee the activity of more than 50,000 plants. It also invites users to create and print inventory tags. 
  • Manage Commissions and Transactions: Users may view their transaction history and sales commission with the wholesale and distribution element. This tool integrates with METRIC, BioTrack and Leaf Data as well.  
  • Enable E-Commerce: The e-commerce module allows users to delegate products for pickup or delivery. Users can also embed this module right into their websites and automatically track customer loyalty and allotments.  
  • Monitor Business Intel: Leaf Logix's business intelligence tool permits users to create custom reports and graphs to track performance. They can also employ one-click reporting templates.  
  • Build Recipes and Blend Products: The processing module authorizes users to craft new recipes, merge products and split capabilities. They can also update orders based on inventory availability and state rules. 

Leaf Logix Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may inquire about Leaf Logix by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: For questions or more information, users may call 1-800-771-1984.
schoolTraining: For a demo, users may fill out the "Request A Demo" form on Leaf Logix's Contact page.
local_offerTickets: Help ticket support is not available at this time.