Benefits and Insights

Why use KLER THC?

Key differentiators & advantages of KLER THC

  • Security: KLER THC is primarily hosted on Microsoft Azure, but hybrid and on-site solutions are available as well. On Microsoft Azure, data security meets standards such as compliance with NIST ST 800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The data centers where information is stored are also physically secured. 
  • Accessibility: The program is deployed primarily via the cloud, meaning it’s accessible at any time and any location so long as an internet connection is available. 
  • Forecasting: KLER THC contains forecasting tools to anticipate the number of materials and products needed to fulfill customer demand. This reduces product spoilage and ensures that you can meet client needs. 
  • Visibility: The solution offers data visualization and reporting tools to ensure that your staff receives relevant and accurate insights quickly. Both custom and template reports are available depending on your specific needs. 
  • Tracking: KLER THC lets you analyze where your products are located and what part of the production cycle they’re at. 

Industry Expertise

KLER THC is intended for businesses in the cannabis business. It can support operations from grow until final distribution by consolidating a range of pivotal workflows.

Key Features

  • Cultivation: In this program, you can assign each plant with a unique ID and track them until harvest. Some of the factors it keeps track of include plant dates, location movements, strain type, harvest types and strain mother. 
  • Inventory: KLER THC lets users assign reordering points so that the necessary level of inventory is always available. You can set minimum and maximum levels to ensure that space is utilized effectively and that you have enough materials on-hand to meet consumer demand. 
  • Production: The system facilitates the production process and supports the creation of concentrates, pre-rolls and edibles. You can use templates and recipes within the solution to optimize the production process. 
  • Wholesale: KLER THC lets you control workflows such as distribution, sales and transportation by leveraging inventory information. 
  • Point-of-Sale: The POS system provides compliance features to ensure that all regulations are adhered to during the sales process. This feature is easy-to-use for budtenders and other sales team members and contains many hardware integrations to make checkout faster. You can scan driver’s licenses, marijuana cards and other forms of ID, and relevant information is automatically inputted to the system. The POS tool also supports discounts and rewards programs. 
  • Reporting and Data: KLER THC provides Report and Dashboard Designers to make the development of custom reports simpler. It supports grouping, multi-level filtering and sorting of data. It also enables you to create calculated fields for pre-processing your data, calculate custom or pre-defined summary functions, and define report parameters. Lastly, it contains a Report Wizard that offers more than 1500 label types. 

KLER THC Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: KLER THC has a contact form on its website where users can ask questions. Tickets can be submitted online through the Support Desk, as well. Live online help is offered through TeamViewer, which gives the support team access to your screens to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
phonePhone: You can contact the vendor by dialing 480-470-1133.
schoolTraining: The online Knowledge Base contains in-depth articles on multiple software aspects to help users find answers to their questions.
local_offerTickets: Users can open technical support cases online through KLER THC’s Support Desk.