Benefits and Insights

Why use Khaos Control?

Key differentiators & advantages of Khaos Control

  • Efficiencies leading to increased Productivity
    • Release yourself and your colleagues from the mundane data entry and other manual tasks that you currently have to carry out religiously every day.
    • The increased capacity will bring obvious benefits in terms of your productivity, but, just as importantly, it will give all of you the opportunity to work on growing your business, rather than just trying to stay afloat.

  • Financial Control
    • Integrated accounts are a key element to managing your business, reducing administrative overheads and enabling you to run your company as profitably as possible.
    • Khaos Control's accounts functionality integrates completely with your sales and purchases, providing you with instant and accurate financial reporting.

  • Accurate stock holding
    • Living in an omnichannel world, retailers need to be able to market their product on all their channels at all times. The key to this is trusting your stock control and being able to share your available stock figures with all of the channels that you are selling through.
    • Khaos Control provides you with accurate, real-time stock control that enables you to deliver on the promises that you've made to your customers.

  • Multichannel integration
    • Seamless communication between your ERP Software and your marketplaces allows you to explore new markets quickly, with minimal investment, whilst enabling you to grow your existing channels.
    • Being able to deliver a true Omnichannel Experience - implementing Khaos Control means that you can provide your customers with a consistent, immersive experience, however they interact with you, be it; on the phone, on your website, Via Amazon, in one of your stores, at a show or via your catalogue.

  • Real time reporting
    • Centralising your business management software via an ERP solution such as Khaos Control allows you access to key data throughout the day and night, wherever you are.
    • With a comprehensive range of tools, the ability to automatically distribute reports and online dashboards your business will have constant access to the key metrics that will enable you to continue to grow your business.