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  • Kechie was born in the cloud and for the cloud. 
    We didn’t try to adapt to the cloud, we developed from it.
  • It's flexible configuration capabilities not only customize to your business, but down to the user level.
  • Kechie adapts to you and your business! Not the other way around.
  •  We help your company grow and make sure Kechie is always adapting to your company's needs.
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Kechie Reviews

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Information Technology & High Tech
10 - 19
Very efficient UI with a huge array of important and useful feature sets. Incredibly responsive customer service!
The only feedback I would have is that the software could be a little more aesthetically pleasing. Not a big deal since it gets the job done, and well!
Sports and Recreation
100 - 499
Shipping can be done quickly and accurately. Available Inventory on-hand and locations are listed and can be selected on the screen at the time of shipping. Invoice/packing slip/labels auto generated. No longer having to come on weekends to perform shipping/Transfer to other WareHouse. The same goes with RMA receiving. Once an RMA received, the replacement order gets automatically generated!! No more working overtime to manually create RMA orders!! So happy to see the room are cleared of boxes. Highly recommend Kechie. Sales people no longer come bugging me as their orders are being shipped out quickly and they also have visibility to their orders status.
The fonts can be a little bigger and there are some info that I don't need to see, for example, Part# description. All I need to see is the part#.
Excellent! I needed a system to expedite our shipping/RMA receiving process. Kechie provided the solutions and more! Having the weekend to spend time with family is priceless.
Information Technology & High Tech
2 - 9
Kechie has the best value for money for an ERP that our company needs. Comparing the same features with our previous ERP provider, it offers almost 80% - 90% savings.
Lack of flexibility for some certain functions that our previous ERP had. While our previous ERP had several ways to accomplish a task, Kechie only allowed 1 way.
The problems that we had with our previous ERP was the cost is too high compared with the benefits / functions that our company need. With Kechie, the cost savings is significant while we also can satisfy our company needs. Customer service is top notch with Kechie from the top down.
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