Benefits and Insights

Why use Kerridge CS ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Kerridge CS ERP

  • One Integrated Solution for your Business - Innovative, flexible supply channels are essential if you're looking for a sustainable future in today’s dynamic market. K8 can support you across your business through a wide - selection of inclusive software modules. Each module integrates seamlessly into the trading and business management platform, enabling you to control every aspect of finance, trading, logistics, and management.

  • Perfect for any Business - Large or Small - K8 is used by many distributive trade customers, large and small – across the world. K8 can support you if you are running a small business from a single shop; and equally support you if you have several distribution centres, a network of showrooms and an internet trading hub. From two users to several thousand – K8 will support you growing your business no matter the size.