Benefits and Insights

Why use Jeeves ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Jeeves ERP

  • Jeeves ERP Genius Architecture - Jeeves ERP is built on a dynamic application model-driven architecture. Model-driven architectures start from the premise that you will tell the system what you want done and the system will do just that. Not someone else’s best practice—but your best practice. Not 10,000 options—just the options you want. What you want, the way you want it, fast and easy. And best of all, once you’ve built your ERP your way, all your data and customizations are stored separately from the core system in the architecture’s Site Repository, making them easy to upgrade.

  • Fully Supported ERP Cloud Service - Jeeves ERP is a fully maintained and fully supported cloud solution, spanning software, platform and infrastructure services. It is designed to give you peace of mind that your entire Jeeves ERP IT environment - from hardware to software and everything in between - is guaranteed to run optimally and smoothly 24/7.